Welcome to our Life..it's a crazy busy one, but that's just us! We have 7 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and 5 Grandbuttons!!! WITH #6 & & 7 ON THEIR WAY!!!! We came home on July 15, 2010 with our Princess Franceska Danielle, we hope you enjoy our life because we sure do!! God has just BLESSED beyond what we could have ever imagined!!


Friday, July 30, 2010


There are no words needed for the next two pictures.........just GOD IS AMAZING!

Franceska and Daddy playing outside!!! I love these pictures!!!! SO SO WORTH THE WAIT!

I know I have not been here in a while but everything is getting back to normal now, I will be here with lots and lots of pictures!!! There are alot of pics on Facebook, if your not my friend , just look for me ....Kristy Friederick Rodriguez.....Be back soon

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Almost Home

Thank you from the bottom of my heart as soon as we get home I will personally reply. And to all of the people who commented on how much she loves her mommy and daddy and how bonded she is with us it is the power of prayer!!! We prayed for the holy spirit to connect her to us and HE did! It was as if she looked at us and said, "What took you so long?" It is only the power of prayer that has made all of this so perfect!!! Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers. We are soooooooo ready to come home!!! Most everything is packed and we or I am just counting down the hours !!! We have so much to tell about this trip, the way God has put everything in line from meeting chinese people who are christians and them wanting to talk about Jesus with us to HIM taking absoloutely every possible obstacle completely out of our way! It has all been incredible!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Pics

My mommy and me
At the Chen Family Temple
My D
This is my "Vogue" picture

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddy found a girlfriend!!!!!
Thank you God, thank you so much.
This picture was supposed to be last to show everyone how we ended our day, this was in the elevator after supper , it was only 7 30 and when we got back to the room we had to wake her up for a bath and her bottle and of course she was all smiles and giggles, I will show you pics of what we got
Here are our smiles and giggles before our bath when we had to wake her up, these pictures make her look so big but she is tiny, I just had to show you these so all of you could see the "dimple" and her toothy coming in on top!!!! Oh my gosh couldnt you just eat her up with a spoon!!!!

Tomorrow is my bday and after looking at this picture what could i ever possibly want or need ever again

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I finally got an email from Kristy! here is what she says:

Hello everybody!!!!!! First thing is first......EVERY SINGLE THING I SAY IN THIS EMAIL GO STRAIGHT TO THE GLORY OF GOD!!!! We have prayed and so many others have prayed over the transition of Franceska into our arms, and I have to tell all of you that we have had nothing but one blessing after another!!! I am not kidding every step of this journey has been blessed, from the minute we left we have been astounded at the way Jesus Christ has completely cleared the path of any obstacles or detours!!!! PRAISE HIM AND THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS , THOUGHTS, AND WELL WISHES!!

The internet in Beijing was sooo slow that no pictures were being sent from anywhere, we are now in Nanchang, wher the us and i have to el you when we were told to cm downstairs, the minute we walked into the lobby we saw her, we knew it was her and when she was handed to me, it was incredible, she just stared at us and after about 3 minutes I raised her up and brought her down to my face and she opened her mouth and kissed me right on the lips!!! It was as if she wasy saying Hi Mommy what took you so long????? Her daddy took her and she never waivered she knew exactly that he was her daddy!!!! This cld as rom the very sat kept us completely entertained , she has been called the most smiley baby in the group!!!! And they are right!! I have to tell you tha she has this most precious peculiar little dimple on her lower left cheek when she smiles ...it is absolutely precious!!!! I know all moms think this, but sheis beautiful!!! She does have a temper when something just isnt going her way, but oh well we have ruined so many before her we will just ruin her too!!! LOL

She is a fantastic sleeper . aAnd just so darn happy!! It is all God I tell you!!! She has only cried onetime and it wasnt until last night just because she was over tired!! It is soooooo hot here and the babies and the parents are just miserable outside and Im thinking the desitin is gonna be for momy and daddy! lol

Just sitting here typing this I am crying because I just cant tell you what this has been like with our Franceska, she loves us as much as we love her if that is even possible!!!! I am overwhelmed spontaneously all day long because of the blessing of it!!!! She is gorgeous!!!! We have made lifelong friends here , it is just amazing!!!

She sings, dadadada and mamamama and I started singing You are my sunshine to her like I used to do Astrud , Jade, Lily and Rayn and let me tell you she is OURs she just starts dancing with her shoulders!!!! She only gives me her kisses open mouth and all but adores her daddy. They are out walking the hallway right now, Frank is incredible, and yes I combust without warning!!

We cannot wait to show her off to everyone at home, we have been taking so many movies to share with all of you. When we get home please dont get your feelings hurt if we dont just hand her over, please be patient with us, although she has bonded so great to us, it is still so important for her to know that she can trust us. We have waited 5 years to have her in our arms and to be honest I am probably going to be selfish sally!!!! Im just praying that all of you have patience and understanding with me especially, she will be bombarded by people that already love her but that she does not know, all in good time she will be climbing all over all of you!!!!

I sincerely and truly love all of you , both of us do thank you so much for your love. There will be hundreds of pictures when we get home that we will share!!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Smiles and Laughs

She hasn't cried yet. Just smiles and laughs

Meet Franceska

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Almost Time!

I got another update early this morning. Here is the latest on their trip:

They got to meet up with their group and everyone is having problems sending pictures back home. Kristy wanted me to tell you guys that she is very sorry she can't send pictures. They have a wake up call at 4 am tomorrow to get to the airport for their flight to Nanchang. All the babies are being brought to the hotel around 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon (July 4th). By the time we are all celebrating 4th of July they will have Franceska in their arms!!! Kristy wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who has been cheering them on. She also asked me to tell you guys that she would greatly appreciate it if you kept her Momma in your prayers so that, even for a few seconds, she will remember who Franceska is...her precious granddaughter.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I got another update from Kristy and this is what she said:

Hi Colby we got your text but we cant send pictures because that is what cost us $600 when we were in Europe. We are getting ready to leave for our tour of the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square!! We can't wait!!! Please let everyone know that I said THANK YOU BIG for the prayers and well wishes, today is a MUCH better day!!!! Let them know I think it is Mommy hormones ! I will spontaneously combust into tears at any moment !! I call them my "Labor pains", but I know that is just the anticipation for our angel!!! After four and a half years it just seems surreal that we are less than 24 hours from having her in our arms!! Tell everyone how completely blessed we are feeling and that we can truly feel all of the prayers and love coming to us from across the big ocean!! We really can!!! Thank you to everyone , and when I get home I will thank each of them from the bottom of my heart!

Please let everyone know how sorry I am that the picture thing is not working but I will keep trying!

Colby you can just imagine how *&^)&(&( off I am that the pictures are not working, that was the whole point to bring our computers!!!! uggggggg

Anyway thank you for all that you are doing, everytime I check my email I have like 40 comments!!!! So I know you are doing a great job!!!

Give our love to everyone at home, tell Astrud we love and miss her bunches!

Love you, Kristy

From Colby: I just copied the email because I wanted you guys to get a faster update and for you to know that your ongoing encouragement is working!! We are still trying to figure out how to get pictures as you can see and that is why we have not posted any.

First Day in China

I got another update from Kristy early this morning at 4 a.m. Here is what she says:

We had our free day in Beijing today and to be really honest I have not fallen in love with China like so many of those before me have :(( There is 7 million people here and they have no concept of personal space and there is 1 friendly person to every 100 that you run into ! Sorry, just being honest! The city itself has quite a skyscraper skyline, with some really awesome looking buildings!!

Frank and I tried our best with the subway system but it is really hard with the language barrier, breakfast in our Hotel the Poly Plaza was a very pleasant experience, loved it!!!
We ventured out and found the Mall, which was so different than what we are accustomed to, but it had air conditioner! It is hot here and I am thankful from Texas, the weather is very much like ours!

We went to , or shall I say we happened upon a The Temple of Earth and it was a beautiful place with hundreds and hundreds of cedar trees and the grounds were beautiful, in the 1500's the Ming Dynasty use to hold sacrifices to the Earth there and as we walked up to the place where the sacrifices were held , Frank said would you come here at night???? Hmmm I don't know , I am sure there are some angry ghosts hanging around!! lol

When we got back midday to the Hotel I decided to have a massage.....let's just say that I paid good money for some very hot water with some kind of green leaves in it that I was supposed to drink, and I also must say that we Americans are very very very more modest than the chinese, I was so embarassed and WOW did I feel violated!!!!! And as for the massage, I am sure I could have went and found a back alley and got beat up for free!!!! And at the end he was pushing really hard in the middle of my stomach saying oh this is good for the stomach and the scrub nurse in me just kept feeling the pain thinking that I was going to have an aortic aneurysm.....not a pleasant experience!!!! And I hate to waste money but I guess I could chalk it up to experience!!! LOLOL!!!

We also ate in our first "real" chinese restaurant and I must say it was pretty good, although nothing like the chinese food back home! I used my chopsticks and didn't do sooooo bad! I still prefer a good ole American fork!

Tomorrow we tour the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square!!! We are pretty excited about that and also we will be meeting up with the rest of our travel group so that means ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I miss everyone at home and really just can't wait for the "real and only" reason we came here for......Our Franceska!!!! I dreamed about her all night!!! I feel her close, I feel like everything is going to be okay!!!

If any of you feel as though I am a little negative, I am sorry for that. In January when we went all over Europe we never really felt totally out of our comfort zone, but today at lunch I started crying and Frank said, Babe what's wrong???? And the only answer I could come up with was I just really felt out of my element and a little homesick. But that is not really different for me , I am 42 years old and really don't like being far from home, I like the comfort of knowing my momma and daddy are just right down the road , and my sisters, our kids, go ahead call me a tity baby, YES I AM!!!! And I know I am weepy because after almost 5 years of waiting , it just seems so surreal to finally be here to get her. That is all we can think about is our babygirl.....the rest is just fluff!! My momma hormones are just pretty raw right now !!! So please bare with me!! I will have Colby post again in a few days so until then God bless all of you!!!! Love to all

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally Here!!

Hey this is Colby and I am posting for Kristy
She says: WE ARE FINALLY HERE and are sooooo excited! Only 3 more sleeps and then we will have Franceska in our arms!! I also want to say sorry for the internet not working and not being able to post pictures but I hope to be able to soon. One last big thank you goes out for all the comments, well wishes, prayers, and love given to me and my family.