Welcome to our Life..it's a crazy busy one, but that's just us! We have 7 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and 5 Grandbuttons!!! WITH #6 & & 7 ON THEIR WAY!!!! We came home on July 15, 2010 with our Princess Franceska Danielle, we hope you enjoy our life because we sure do!! God has just BLESSED beyond what we could have ever imagined!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few things....

THEY LIKE ME , THEY REALLY LIKE ME..... Isn't if funny that no matter how old we get , when you realize that people really like you and think alot of you , or at least think enough of you to award you with a "Lovey Award" , it still makes us smile soooooo big!! Well I received this award again and this time from my sweet friends Denise and Daleea. I love these ladies , both of them are so inspirational and amazing...I am the one who is forever grateful for their friendship. Thank you so much.

A few months ago Frank surprised Astrud and I with tickets to the play "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and it was this past thursday and it was GREAT!!!! The car really flew!!! This is one of my favorite movies and it was so much fun to see it on stage. Thank you Frank, you sweetie pie!!!

Then he also surprised me a few weeks later with Chris Tomlin tickets!!!! Chris Tomlin is absolutely MY FAVORITE!!! I took my friend Katybug and Jenny and I have to tell you that it was a beautiful thing to be in the Municipal Auditorium with 5000 other people that was worshiping the same person you were....Our Heavenly Father. Chris Tomlins music just does something for me, the holy spirit is so present when I listen to his music. All three of us are going thru somewhat difficult seasons of our lives, Katy just lost her Daddy and is having some other troubles, Jenny and her husband are having some financial worries, and me...well my Mom is just slipping further and further away every minute. So even if it was for 2 hours or so we got to escape our troubles and heartaches and got to totally be ONE with God . I do know this...no matter what troubles we have , HE is always there carrying us thru these times. I love HIM so much and am ever so thankful for the way he loves me and knows me. There are times in my day that I know I can actually feel his hands on my shoulders or his arms around me. Oh how sweet it is.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 34th LIDversary and 34 Random things about me!

I decided to do what SHE did on her 32nd LIDversary for our 34th!! Here are 34 Random things about me!

1.I would love to have one more "REAL" conversation with my Momma.

2.My sisters Kerry & Kim and myself had our tonsils out all on the same day some 30 years ago, and it happen to of been my Mom and Dad's 16th or 17th Wedding Anniversary.

3.I truly feel like Friendships are a gift from God, and I really try to nuture them.

4.The Holy Spirit talks to me thru Christian music, I feel it to the very core of my soul and it overtakes me emotionally, but it is the best feeling in the world to be able to offer myself completely to my GOD.

5.My mom used to always burn my forehead with the curling iron and I can remember telling myself that I would never do that to my daughter and guess what.....I can't count the times that I burned Astrud's forehead when she was younger with the dang thing!!!

6.One rainy day when I was in 8th grade me and my friends Suzy, Angie, and Trisha while my parents were getting ready for my big sisters graduation party took my Moms car and drove down the road and came right back to only realize that the tires had made muddy tracks so we all got on our hands and knees in the mud and started smearing the mud around.....but trust me we never fooled my dad he knew the minute he got home!

7.I would love to be able to lay my head on my Granny's big belly just one more time, and to feel my Grandma's soft fuzzy face.

8.I would love to be able to take all of my Daddy's burdens away from him.

9.I can't completely relax until my house is completely clean.

10.I have to put my mascara on my left eye first, and I always have to have lipstick on.

11.I always feel like I fail my husband, because he is so good to me and I don't feel like I even come close to making him feel as loved as he makes me feel.

12.I hate shoes, I live in flip flops most of the time.

13.I am totally dependent on all of my online friends.

14.After working in the OR for so long in a clean enviroment, I never thought I would be working in a childcare ministry.....do you have any idea how dirty those little cuties are?????

15.I love watching HGTV and FOOD Network.

16.I would love to be friends with all of the employees at Charm City Cakes. (Ace of Cakes)

17.I have laughed so hard I p'd in my pants.

18.One time I got drunk on Blue Hawaiians and apparently threw up so much I woke up with Blue nostrils and my Daddy called me a Smurf and made me go outside in the heat and pull weeds...weeds that did not need to be pulled I might add...never drank a blue drink again!

19.I am madly in love with a little girl in China that I have never laid my eyes on.

20.If someone would let me I would eat cereal 3 times a day.

21.My toenails can't rub on my sheets, it grosses me out so they have to be filed at all times.

22.Sometimes my hotflashes make my ears feel like they are going to melt off...don't laugh , it's not funny!!

23.When I was little I really did try to dig a hole to China, I should have kept going maybe I would be there by now.

24.I love my older kids even though I would have been in Jr. High, High school and Elementary had I given birth to them. I thank God everyday for the life he gave me.

25.I eat ketchup on spaghetti,eggs,mashed potatoes, among other things, but my favorite is to get a dill pickle and dip it in ketchup.

26. I worry all the time about my prayer life. I want to be so much better.

27.I live for taking pictures of the people I love.

28.But one or two generations from now, nobody is going to know I existed because I am always behind the camera.

29.Right now I look forward to shopping with Astrud and her teenage daughter someday , because I am going to sit back and enjoy it all.....Astrud and I fight when we shop for clothes. Sometimes I would rather stick bamboo up my fingernails than do this!!!!

30.I am left handed, but I serve a v-ball , shoot a basketball, throw, and bat right handed. I do eat left handed though.

31.My momma raised us to love Elvis, and I have to admit the day that I saw Graceland for the first time I cried.....

32.I would love to be Robyn Roberts and Diane Sawyer's friend.

33.At the lake on my 18th bday I was on top of a picnic table playing air guitar to Van Halen and fell off backwards landing flat on my back....IDIOT!!

34.When I am at stop signs sometimes I pray for every person that passes me, and then my OCD kicks in and I have to stop because there is just too many cars and I feel bad because I don't include every one of them.


Happy Birthday to my sister Kerry and her daughter, my neice Jade!!! It is Jade's 13th birthday, (Kerry's 37th). I am looking forward to getting pedicures and being pampered and spending the night in Austin with the both of you on our little bday getaway!! I love you both bigger than the sky!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where are the REFERRALS!!!

HEY LADY... Yes you standing there talking to your friend, could you please get back to your desk , because I have some friends that have March LID's waiting for their daughters, and it is February 19th.......so could you please get back to work.....

So this LITTLE FELLA could stop wandering around China, not knowing what to do....

We are all sitting here patienly having to redo paperwork for the 3RD TIME , and we are all being very prompt about it, so please lady....work with us!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something Fun!!!

The church I work for is having to build a new playground that is up to state code, so the director actually gave us this Little Tikes playscape for Franceska! It is one of the big ones. The slides and the top is still not on in these pictures, but I just can't wait to see Franceska, Joshua, Rayn, Jacob, Brett and so many more on this thing. When I drive up to the house I love seeing this, because it actually looks like a little one lives here. The things that encourage you can be so little can't they!!!!
Look at this "MAN" he is my ROCK!!! I have to say that he never shows off, he is the least boastful man I have ever known and to see him FLEX is so not him, but I just love these pictures!!!
Here is my son Christopher and nephew Greg helping out!!! I love these boys so much , I love the work God is doing in their lives!!!!

Theres Josh peeking thru!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines Day to my Frank, I can't wait to get to spend the day with you, I love you bigger than the sky!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


OK a little history first.....I am sure all of you know Emily , Astrud's best friend by now, well she too has gotten her license. Last night after church the girls got in the car and asked Frank and I if they could ride to school together??????? I hate this part of being a parent, don't you???? I wimped out and said , "Frank , that your call"!!!!(hehehe). These girls are good kids and are responsible, but it is just so hard to Let Go and Let God, but we DID!! So here they are leaving this morning. I have to tell you just how hard it is to watch your life drive down the road. I have been behind the wheel her whole life in control , I have driven these girls all over the world in the past for years again having control, and to give that up is soooooo hard!!! But I did it, so there!!!

And to let you all know, Astrud just called and said they were at school. You should have heard the giggling, they are so proud of themselves and so excited , it is hard to not be excited with them, but at the same time it is so scary. Thank you God so much for keeping them safe.

Now for a little story on "CONNIE"!! This minivan is Emily's mother Margarets car that the girls named, "CONNIE" years ago and THEY were NOT going to be caught dead in this car ever!!! Margaret got a new car , and we have joked with them forever about Connie being their "ride"!!! WELL.....isn't it funny that when Em came to the door this morning, she said , Kristy did you see me pull around , as if I am supposed to compliment her for pulling in to our driveway perfectly and then she looks at Astrud and says , Astrud..Connie drives really good!!!!! Doesn't that just crack you up!! Like they remotely know what "drives good", and all of a sudden CONNIE isn't soooo bad!!!! You just gotta love these girls!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Catching up on Birthdays and Frank!

There are so many Birthdays in Dec. Jan. and Feb. in our family so I decided to do a Mass Happy Birthday post!!! If I forgot anyone I am truly sorry!!
My sister Kerry and her daughter Jade share a February Birthday! This is a picture of the day they were baptized together! What an awesome day!
Happy December Birthday to Chastity and Kellie! Kellie we are so blessed and thankful to have you in our life, and Chas you make us so proud, we love the heart for God that you have, we love you both very much!!
Happy January Birthday to my sweet Godson Jacob!
Happy February Birthday Alex!! (Isn't she beautiful,this is her and Astrud)
Happy January Birthday Garret!! Your growing up way too fast!
Happy February Sweet 16 Birthday to Emily and Jena! We love you girls!
Happy February Birthday to our Traci and our grandson Liam! ( He turned 1 on Sunday, and I don't think I like having kids so far away, I miss them so much already)
Happy February Birthday Zane!!! Oh how we wish you were closer !

Happy January Birthday Megan! Thank you for loving our son so much.
Happy January Birthday Christopher Paul! Are there any words that can express how much we love you and how proud of you we are!
Franks bday is not until June, but I wanted to share a story about him with you. Frank is by far the more silent one in this marriage.(imagine that), and he has truly become a "Blog Widow"! He is NOT a blogger but he will listen to your life stories and look at the pictues of the babies that are coming home, but like I said he prefers to just wait on the Lord , and I have to say that he is the most patient man in the world and sometimes it drives me nuts , because when I need to have a "I want my baby fit", he always reminds me that it is not my time, but God's time. But the other night as we are praying together he prayed for all of you, my friends in "Blogland", and for your babies that are waiting for you! He knows how special and important you all are to me and it really touched my heart. He is an Incredible Man!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Please pray for the Saunders Family

This is the Saunders Family and they lost everything to a house fire a few weeks ago, if you have not already please go over there and read about this incredible family. And please include them in your prayers, they are such a faithful family.
And please go see Amie over here to see what she has going on for them, and when you get there click on the Extreme Home Makeover button to vote for them to be picked for the Extreme Home Makeover show with Ty Pennington!! Again they are an incredible family and my life has been blessed by their faith.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok I have gotten quite a few impatient comments and emails and I myself can't wait any longer to tell all of you our BIG NEWS!!! First of all it has nothing to do with China....sorry!!!!

So here goes.....I am sure there have been a few of you who have often wondered where our "Seven" kids are that we are always talking about having, and knowing that in all of the pictures you always count 5 , and that you know Franceska would make six, so where is 7?????


I will try to be as brief as possible. Frank has another daughter by the name of Kellie Elyse. For various and private reasons he lost contact with her about 18 years ago. As you would think this has caused him alot of heartache thru the years. As well the rest of us. Astrud has prayed about Kellie since she was a little girl. We have always included her in our prayers and she has always been at the top of our Wishlist. Frank had given it all to God a long time ago and in his heart he knew that she would find him one day. WELL that day has come!!!!! Before I go any further I have to give all of the glory to our Father above because without him none of this would have been possible. We not only have gained our actually #5, but we gained an incredibly sweet, and caring SIL , Jon that obviouslyloves Kellie with all of his heart, and another adorable, precious , grandson LIAM!!! And when you get to the last picture of this post you will see what else we are getting in May!!!!

I can't tell you how unbelievably happy we all are. There is going to be alot of getting to know each other time, although they live in Washington, we ARE Family and we will make time to build our relationships!!!! We know we love her and we will wait forever for her to learn to love this , big, loud, crazy, did I say loud , funny, loving, argumentative, LOUD, hard loving family that she has just inherited. To all of our family and friends that thru the years have prayed for this along with us we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So go now and enjoy the pictures, we are humbled and blessed beyond words.

Count them....1,2,3,4,5,6, and # 7 will be here sooooon!!!!!!!

And FINALLY a FAMILY picture with Kellie! Now instead of two missing links we only have one left and that's Franceska and we KNOW that she will be home soon. And I will list everyone so here goes....back row...DIL Traci, son Craig, DIL Amy, son Christopher, DIL Megan, son Steven, SIL Jon, daughter Kellie, grandson Liam...front row...daughter , Astrud, Papa (Frank, Grandpa Frank), grandson Joshua, Mom (Kristy, Meme), and Chastity...There we are THE RODRIGUEZ FAMILY minus Baby Franceska!!!

Drum rolllllll..... INTRODUCING OUR 2ND GRANDBABY....Liam Manuel Guerrero!!!!

Grandpa Frank with Liam!!! Doesn't that look like a Proud Grandpa!!!

Meme with Liam!!!! Just look at that precious smile!!

Our Boys....See no evil Craig...Speak no evil Steven....and Hear no evil Christopher!!!

Do you think their sisters?????????????? Kellie and Chastity

LOOK!!! Grandson #3 coming in May!!! We are so blessed!!

Josh getting some of Meme's love!!
(ignore Astrud)

P.S. Can someone maybe help me????? You know when you are doing something and you are trying to be extra careful and you end up screwing it all up. Well if you don't...I do because that is the story of my life. Everyday that we have all spent together I got home and all of the pictures of the day to my "Kellies Visit" file, and last night I OVERRODE them, yes I did , I replaced them so there are about 300 pictures, special pictures that I can't retrieve. Are they lost forever, or is there a way I can get them back???? I am so upset and mad at myself I could just scream.!!!!!!


The whole story tomorrow!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry I have not been around in a few days, but something great has been happening in this family, and I will share with all of you on Thursday. Until then , May God Smile On You Today!!
Love, K