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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 34th LIDversary and 34 Random things about me!

I decided to do what SHE did on her 32nd LIDversary for our 34th!! Here are 34 Random things about me!

1.I would love to have one more "REAL" conversation with my Momma.

2.My sisters Kerry & Kim and myself had our tonsils out all on the same day some 30 years ago, and it happen to of been my Mom and Dad's 16th or 17th Wedding Anniversary.

3.I truly feel like Friendships are a gift from God, and I really try to nuture them.

4.The Holy Spirit talks to me thru Christian music, I feel it to the very core of my soul and it overtakes me emotionally, but it is the best feeling in the world to be able to offer myself completely to my GOD.

5.My mom used to always burn my forehead with the curling iron and I can remember telling myself that I would never do that to my daughter and guess what.....I can't count the times that I burned Astrud's forehead when she was younger with the dang thing!!!

6.One rainy day when I was in 8th grade me and my friends Suzy, Angie, and Trisha while my parents were getting ready for my big sisters graduation party took my Moms car and drove down the road and came right back to only realize that the tires had made muddy tracks so we all got on our hands and knees in the mud and started smearing the mud around.....but trust me we never fooled my dad he knew the minute he got home!

7.I would love to be able to lay my head on my Granny's big belly just one more time, and to feel my Grandma's soft fuzzy face.

8.I would love to be able to take all of my Daddy's burdens away from him.

9.I can't completely relax until my house is completely clean.

10.I have to put my mascara on my left eye first, and I always have to have lipstick on.

11.I always feel like I fail my husband, because he is so good to me and I don't feel like I even come close to making him feel as loved as he makes me feel.

12.I hate shoes, I live in flip flops most of the time.

13.I am totally dependent on all of my online friends.

14.After working in the OR for so long in a clean enviroment, I never thought I would be working in a childcare ministry.....do you have any idea how dirty those little cuties are?????

15.I love watching HGTV and FOOD Network.

16.I would love to be friends with all of the employees at Charm City Cakes. (Ace of Cakes)

17.I have laughed so hard I p'd in my pants.

18.One time I got drunk on Blue Hawaiians and apparently threw up so much I woke up with Blue nostrils and my Daddy called me a Smurf and made me go outside in the heat and pull weeds...weeds that did not need to be pulled I might add...never drank a blue drink again!

19.I am madly in love with a little girl in China that I have never laid my eyes on.

20.If someone would let me I would eat cereal 3 times a day.

21.My toenails can't rub on my sheets, it grosses me out so they have to be filed at all times.

22.Sometimes my hotflashes make my ears feel like they are going to melt off...don't laugh , it's not funny!!

23.When I was little I really did try to dig a hole to China, I should have kept going maybe I would be there by now.

24.I love my older kids even though I would have been in Jr. High, High school and Elementary had I given birth to them. I thank God everyday for the life he gave me.

25.I eat ketchup on spaghetti,eggs,mashed potatoes, among other things, but my favorite is to get a dill pickle and dip it in ketchup.

26. I worry all the time about my prayer life. I want to be so much better.

27.I live for taking pictures of the people I love.

28.But one or two generations from now, nobody is going to know I existed because I am always behind the camera.

29.Right now I look forward to shopping with Astrud and her teenage daughter someday , because I am going to sit back and enjoy it all.....Astrud and I fight when we shop for clothes. Sometimes I would rather stick bamboo up my fingernails than do this!!!!

30.I am left handed, but I serve a v-ball , shoot a basketball, throw, and bat right handed. I do eat left handed though.

31.My momma raised us to love Elvis, and I have to admit the day that I saw Graceland for the first time I cried.....

32.I would love to be Robyn Roberts and Diane Sawyer's friend.

33.At the lake on my 18th bday I was on top of a picnic table playing air guitar to Van Halen and fell off backwards landing flat on my back....IDIOT!!

34.When I am at stop signs sometimes I pray for every person that passes me, and then my OCD kicks in and I have to stop because there is just too many cars and I feel bad because I don't include every one of them.


Happy Birthday to my sister Kerry and her daughter, my neice Jade!!! It is Jade's 13th birthday, (Kerry's 37th). I am looking forward to getting pedicures and being pampered and spending the night in Austin with the both of you on our little bday getaway!! I love you both bigger than the sky!!!


Alyson and Ford said...

Now that was cool. Way cool. Thanks for sharing.

Debz said...

Great job.
2. Some anniversary that was!
7. I hope I never have grandkids that miss my fuzzy face! lol!
11. Diddo
22. Oh CRAP is that what that is when my ears burn!
25. You and I will never eat breakfast together, I gag when people put ketchup on thier eggs!
26. Diddo.

Happy 34th LIDaversary. Enjoy your day dear friend.

OH MY #6 said...

#26 your prayer life? I think you are doing OK my friend. You are a sweet, giving, awesome, friend. so you must be doing something right.

32-month eh. I hoping it soon. And, I will be right here cheering you on!


3D said...

34 done!

Keep smilin!

Sherri & Todd said...

That was really cute, now we have some things in common I have you know:
9. I can't relax until my house is clean
10. I don't always do my left eye first, but I'm always putting lipstick on. I hate to go out without it.
19. I wish I would have kept digging, we would be in China by now.
20. I can eat oatmeal 3 times a day, better yet I can just live on it.
21. I can't have my toenail touching the sheets either, I wear socks to bed everynight.
25. The ketchup thing, only on eggs
27. I'm never in pictures because i'm the one who takes them all the time.
30. This is a biggie - i'm right handed, but do most everything with my left hand, I eat with left I can't hit a ball with a bat with my right only my left and many more.
31. I just loved Elvis's house, I cried when I went in myself.

Love you girl,

Sherri & Todd said...

oops....HAPPY 34th LID

Kayce said...

Love this!!! Happy 34!

I totally get #11.

Me too on #15

Me too on #19 :)

Someday I'm gonna let my son do #20!

When I was in kinder my friends and I were digging to China and hit a green tile in the ground, we thought we hit someones roof!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 34th LID.. you are almost there..
Love all the random things..
Great job girly..
Have a great weekend..
Love ya..

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Kristy,
You are darling! You are so not a dork! lol So many of these I found myself thinking, "Me too!" and some just made me laugh.
I think you are just wonderful!
It's a true story....
Hang in there..... soon you will see her precious face...
God's Speed,

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

So, there were so many that we are so alike on but #4 stood out to me. I am the same way. It's why I love being on the worship team at my church,

One of these days.. we are going to meet. Be it here on earth or in our heavenly home. I know I will know you!

Lesa said...

Love your list. #19 is one I remember like yesterday for myself. I just would kill time out in the back yard digging and digging for China. ha

Anonymous said...

I give you permssion to eat the cereal :)! This post had my throat in a tight little knot. Your mom, grannie, and daddy had me...

Denise said...

Kristy, I have a special award for you on my blog!

redmaryjanes said...

Congrats on the 34th lid my friend. I want you to know that we have A LOT in common, I kept nodding my head throughout your list. :)

Domonique said...

I laughed out loud when I read the one about wearing lipstick for two reasons....1. because I remember when we were about to take pictures and we had to wait because you ran to put lipstick on and everyone was mad because we weren't picture ready ourselves. 2. because that shows that I not only get my good looks from you but my need to constantly apply lip gloss as well! :) haha
I love you, and miss you even more!

Tonggu Momma said...

Kristy ~ Loved your 34 things! Number 7 - or was it 6? Same thing here, except with too tall grass. I begged my friend to help me mow the yard before my parents got home. I fooled my momma, but not my dad.

Happy 34th.

Margaret M said...

Love it and you have inspired...stay tuned!

sara said...

Oh, you are a HOOT!!! So funny! I am with you on the music - it is really healing & therapeutic to turn on a good Christian station & see what The Lord will say!!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face. #7 is my fav.

kerri said...

Happy 34th!
I too would love to feel my Grandma cheek against mine just one more time...

Jenny Coldewey said...

OMG I am sitting here at work reading this and I started cracking up laughing at #33! I can totally picture you doing this!!!
I can't wait to go to the lake this year! I miss seeing you! It has been a while

Ohilda said...

Oh my gosh, Kristy! You remind me so much of ME that it's scary. With the exception of maybe two or three things on the list, the rest ARE me!



Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I have come to the conclusion... you are nuts... hahahahaha... I am wondering how the kids feel when sitting in the car and you have to pray for everyone... sister... you would be sitting there forever :)
Oh and you just may pee your pants while waiting for them to go by... ok... I am NOT laughing :)

Beverly said...

You are so funny. Love your list. And yes we all love you!

Mission To Macie said...

Great post!


AMEN sister on the flip flops!

and I absolutely love your red light OCD prayers........i just wish i was one of the cars that pass by! I believe the Lord LOVES those prayers!

You are awesome!

Jill :0