Welcome to our Life..it's a crazy busy one, but that's just us! We have 7 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and 5 Grandbuttons!!! WITH #6 & & 7 ON THEIR WAY!!!! We came home on July 15, 2010 with our Princess Franceska Danielle, we hope you enjoy our life because we sure do!! God has just BLESSED beyond what we could have ever imagined!!


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is our year, the year of FRANCESKA!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello to all of you !!!

First I want to say that I pray all of you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Second thank you soooooo much for all of your comments and encouraging words, you people are beautiful and I thank God for putting each of you in my life. Third, I have been gone because my computer has been at the Doctor!!! I will do my best to catch up on all of you in the coming days!!! Happy New Year!!!

If you can go here and look at Claire's beautiful face!!!



Love and Blessings,Kristy

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have deleted every single post about my sister Kim and her life. She was demanding I do that and at first I was not but tonight after I watched a video over at my friend Christies blog, I decided to do so. There was a lesson in that video and that is that whether you have done someone wrong or if you have been wronged, we are never guaranteed tomorrow, so make a mends with those people, so I am doing as my sister wishes and what she does with that is not my responsibility.

The reason for this is that I have been told by her and her friend, that I am not truly a christian woman nor am I Godly in any way, because I try to portray that my life is perfect, I try to portray that my kids are perfect,and because I am also a hypocrite. I have also been told that the reason God is makimg the wait for Franceska so long is because of the "real" kind of person I am. The reason for all of this is because while I was being there for my sister, taking her to appointments, changing my hours at work, and trying desperately to encourage my sister to heal inside and out,and simply asking all of you for prayer, I have been told that I selfishly was just airing her dirty laundry for all the world to see. This is how she sees it and I apologize for that. So many of you have been praying for my sister for two months now and I am forever grateful for that.

As far as me trying to portray my life as perfect, I have a right to defend myself. First of all by airing "dirty laundry", I don't think that is trying to portray your family as perfect.

As far as my kids, I have a poem taped to the wall that I look at while on my computer that reads:

"I didn't give you the gift of life, but in my heart I know the love I feel is deep and real, as if it had been so. For us to have each other is like a dream come true. No I didn't give you the gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you "
Author Unknown

I would assume all or pretty much most of you know that I gave birth to NONE of my children, but on January 8th , 16 years ago a babygirl was born that was meant to be mine, we named her Astrud, she is forever and truly my angelbaby, and so it was...then I met , and fell in love and later married a man 10 years older than I, that had children...a few to say the least!!! At that time Steven was 10 years old and I am his Mom, I raised him until he moved out, fought in Iraq and got married, I love him as if I did gave birth to him myself, there is absolutely no difference in the love I feel for him even if the blood that ran through our veins were exactly the same. My oldest daughter, Chastity (we don't say "step") is only 10 years younger than me , and yet not only is she one of my best friends, she is my daughter, then there is Christopher in which I feel such a complete , magnetic, and unbreakable bond with, he has taught me so much about perservance and more, then there is Craig, that when I see him, or when he looks at me this special way that he does, I feel such complete and utter love and pride. Every one of these incredible human beings make me want to be a better person than the person I was the day before, they each have their own unique qualities, and inner beauty and yes all of them have their own relationship with their Lord and Savior and YES that makes me beam.

I also have two daughter-in-laws , Megan and Amy, and a soon to be DIL, Traci. I am totally in love with these young women, first and foremost because they are totally in love with my sons and as a mother, that is the most important thing to me. It was brought to my attention that while I am trying to portray my life as perfect, my relationship with Megan is not the best, well you know it is not right now, but I do know that I pray that one day all will be healed and that there will be no animosity there, but I do know how much she loves my Steven because all she has to do is say his name and it is written all over her face.

We have a grandson , Joshua and three neices, Jade, Lily and Rayn that are the light of mine and Frank's life, and we look so forward to watching them with Franceska, and so many other older nephews and neices that we love so much.

So with all of this said, even though in every walk of life there is always negative, and bad things that go on I guess these people are right , I guess I do portray my life as pretty perfect, because GOD has blessed me beyond belief, and I do love to share my life with you. I love my God, my husband, my children, my family and my life. And I make no apologies for that.

Thank you each of you for listening, God bless each of you, and again thank you for becoming family to me. I love all of you.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Sunday, December 21, 2008

32 And COUNTING!!!!

Even if we are looking at another 6,7, or 8 months at least we have 32 behind us!!!! We have survived that so what is another few months!!! We ARE coming Franceska!
We love you, Mommy and Papa

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Congratulations Megan and Marsha

Our DIL, Megan and her mother , Marsha both graduated from U.T.S.A. last night. Megan graduated with a Bachelor's in Education and her mom , Marsha received her Masters in Education. I think it is really special for Mom and Daughter to achieve a goal and then graduate together. Congratulations to both you! We are very proud of you Megan and excited to watch the start of this new season in your life.

Steven and Megan!
Here is Megan and Marsha!
Only in San Antonio a Mariachi band plays the recession music after the graduation. lolol

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME! And some of my favorite Christmas things...

LOOK what I bought myself for Christmas!!! The Cricut Expression and I love it!!! I had no idea I could be so creative!!!

Frank surprised me the other night with this Willow Tree Angel Sanctuary and the Holy Family. I have wanted this for so long!!! Thank you Babe!

My collection has been in our bedroom on top of the Armoire , so I decided to put it on my antique hutch in the dining room. I think I will leave it there!

I have so many favorite Christmas ornaments, but heres just a few, and then some of my favorite decorations.

These are a few of the ornaments that my Momma has made my kids through the years. Oh how I miss that.This is our 2007 Christmas ornament. We were so hoping that Franceska would be home by now.Astruds 2nd grade ornament!! Too cute, where does the time go???One of Astruds many 1st Christmas ornaments, oh how this one brings back such sweet memories!One of Stevens favorites, "The Grinch". I love this ornament, I can still see the smile on his face when he opened it up!This is Christophers from 2005, I love this little chubby Snowman!! Franceskas ornament from 2007Last year Christopher, Amy and Joshua gave Frank and I this ornament and I love it, it is just so beautiul.
I have had this ornament for at least 15 or 16 years, I can't tell you where I bought it, or why but I love him! He might be scary to some but he is "HOME" to me.My neice Jade gave us this ornament a few years ago, and it is so special to me. But I have to admit that when I hold it in my hands a little sadness goes thru me, because she is in Jr.High now and I wanted her to stay little forever. I love that girlie so much.
I love this ornament so much, it was Christmas 2004, Steven was home on leave from Iraq and in his uniform, Astrud is in hers, and Jade, Lily and a 3 month old Rayn looking as pretty as ever!The little Angel , my sister Kerry bought for Astrud and one for Franceska which has been living in our living room for a couple of years now and the Bear says , Parents to be 2007!
The paint is wearing off but it says, Mommy and Daddy to be 2006! ( still waiting)A friend gave this to me and I have only had it two years, but everytime I read it , it just makes me smile!
This is our Manger, my parent's bought Kim, Kerry & Ricky, and Frank I all one several Christmas's ago and I think it is so beautiful, and special to me. So last year I gave our two boys and their wives their own Manger and I hope they cherish theirs like I do ours.
Back in the day my Mom did alot of ceramics and made my Grandmothers and all of my Aunts their own Ceramic Christmas Tree and I decided 3 years ago that I was going to make me one if it killed me, and I did! Who knew!!!! But I think it is so pretty!

I know this has been a really long post, but you all know by now that I am an open book and I just wanted to share some really dear parts of my life with you. God bless all of you.

Monday, December 8, 2008

San Antonio Riverwalk

Saturday night Frank and I went on a date to the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It is kind of a tradition at Christmas with us. The pictures are not great but for all of you who don't know ...The Riverwalk is downtown San Antonio and is lined with Restaurants and Hotels The river also goes thru the Rivercenter Mall and all of it at Christmas is just beautiful because of the 1000's of lights!!! I also wanted to show those of you who have never been to the Alamo, here it is. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my date!!! I love my husband to pieces!!!!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas our sweet Franceska

Please scroll down and stop my playlist so you can hear this.

As we enter our FOURTH Christmas without our babygirl , there is no other way to express what we are feeling,other than to play this video. I almost can't take listening to this song, but one thing I do know is we will all be together next year.

Merry Christmas sweet baby wherever you are. We already love you bigger than the sky, and can't wait to have our arms around you, look into your eyes that we have dreamed of for so long, to smell you, to touch you, to meet you...

We love you, Mommy and Papa

Monday, December 1, 2008

So much to catch up on!!!

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving, my award from Joan, and I was Photo tagged by Margaret!!!! Just a little catch up!!! Have a great Monday!! Love to all.

My Frank and our son Craig!!! I love this picture, it makes my heart smile!!
Me and my girls!!! These are my DIL"S : Megan, Myself, Amy and Traci!!! They are not just my DIL"S they are my daughters and my friends. I love them so much and am so proud of them. I think they are all just beautiful!
My daughters and I! Chastity, and Astrud!! Aren't they beauties!!!
After we left my MIL's we went to Jacy's parents home to watch UT beat A&M, and this is Jenette and Jim! I love this picture.
At my MIL's this snapshot was taken of Frank and I with our Kids!!! If you have not noticed....Franceska is missing from the picture!!!! STILL!!
The day after Thanksgiving Grandpa Frank and Josh going to work. He spent the night with us, and we had to tell him he was going to work with Grandpa Frank so he would get dressed!

I was Photo tagged by my friend Margaret. The rules are to go to your picture files and click on the FOURTH folder and pick the FOURTH picture and post it. This was fun, so I tag any of you who would like to do this. Just let me know so I can go see ok!! Here is my FOURTH pic, Astrud in the Austin tournament last year!

I was awarded these awards by my friend Joan. It was perfect because I love Butterflies!!! Thank you Joan!!! This meant so much to me. We need to stop passing each other on the road, and actually stop and visit!!! Love you.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


IT BROKE!!!! And I clocked my head on the windowsill, so the big question is: Am I just getting to FAT, or did I wear it OUT!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyday is Thanksgiving for me, because I am without a doubt one of the most blessed human beings on this earth. I have so much to be thankful for and am so very blessed to have my family and friends in my life. All of you blog friends, I need you to know that you are now my family and I thank God for each of you everyday. God has blessed me with so many incredible things and people in my life and the blessings just keep coming. May God always bless you and your families


In everything, give THANKS, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thes. 5:18

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Update

Good morning everyone ! First I want to thank each and everyone of you for you thoughts and prayers for my family and I. I honestly don't know what I would do without you.
Just a few things:
1. Friday was our 31st LIDversary!!

3. Also this weekend my Uncle Pete passed away and his funeral is tuesday. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

4. Frank and I along with most of our kids attended a Waiting Families dinner on Saturday. It was nice, but so different from the past dinners.Our Beautiful Kids!

Our Josh with the Lion!

Even though I look like I have a monster size face, I love this picture of Josh and I!

5. At church on Sunday, Rayn and her class sang a couple of songs. You could hear her over everyone else!! It was so darn cute!
So cute!!!

So proud of all of them!

6.Here is a picture of a portion of the presents that our church has collected for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD, I love this organization and I was so proud of our church family. Times are hard right now, but pockets and wallets are always open.
Merry Christmas little ones!
And last but not least. I love sundays after church when there is nowhere to go , or nothing that has to be done, because then we all just lay around , watch football and eat and just really enjoy being with each other. Kerry and the girls, Christopher,Amy,Josh Greg , Frank, Astrud and myself just had a nice relaxing day at home. I love it! Here is a preview of some of the things I am most Thankful for!!
Rayn and Josh!! Thank you Kung Fu Panda!!
Two of my favorite girls in the whole world!! Amy and Astrud!
Grandpa Frank and Josh with my porch scarecrows hat!!!
Chris, Lily and Josh playing possum!!