Welcome to our Life..it's a crazy busy one, but that's just us! We have 7 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and 5 Grandbuttons!!! WITH #6 & & 7 ON THEIR WAY!!!! We came home on July 15, 2010 with our Princess Franceska Danielle, we hope you enjoy our life because we sure do!! God has just BLESSED beyond what we could have ever imagined!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Morning!!!

Good morning from our 'CURRENT FAMILY FAVORITE"!!!! We hope all of you have a blessed day and a fantastic weekend!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our First Portaits!!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Bittersweet Day....

Today was the last "First" day of school picture that I get to take of our "Big Girl"! Astrud started her Senior year today!!!! I can remember like it was yesterday walking her into Kindergarten thinking Oh my gosh I can't believe I am doing this????? And today my first thought was, where did the time go?????? She is an incredible young lady and we are so proud of her!!! We just wish we could have stunted her growth a few years back!!! :)))))

And here they are going to pick up Emily...............................

Have a very safe and truly BLESSED year girls! We love you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Month ago today.....

We flew home to start our new life with our Little Princess Franceska Danielle! It has been an awesome month of so many blessings. Our cup runneth over.................all the glory and thanks go to our Father in Heaven.....Thank you so much for loving us the way you do.......

Here is a little 3 minute video of Franceska playing with my sister her Aunt Kim. She has started somewhat crawling....she hikes one leg up but somehow gets where she wants go get!!! It is hilarious to watch. You just gotta see her spinning, she is just the cutest little thing!!!

Here are some things that have been going on, I am sorry that I have not posted alot lately but I am getting into the swing of things and I will start catching up okay!!! Love and miss all of you!
This is Franceskas Big Sissy Astrud and big brother Bubba . Astrud and her boyfriend Anthony wanted to cook all of us supper and here is Bubba trying his best to keep his sister from cutting her fingers off!!! lol
Anthony and Astrud....she is so proud of her Duncan Hines box cake!!!!

I FINALLY got to meet my Biggest Sissy Chastity!!!! Here are four of our beautiful kiddos!! Remember that cup runneth over thing..........

This is a picture of our oldest and our youngest!!!!
Here is Joshie playing with his "Aunt Franceska"!
Franceska loves Lemon Jello!
The next 4 pictures are of me and my cousin Rayn playing, we have so much fun all the time!

Daddy and Franceska on her first lawn mower ride!!
Franceskas 1st Birthday fell on a wednesday and that is one of our church nights so the whole fellowship hall sang Happy Birthday!!!
Franceska's birthday party is this saturday the 21st.....
Poppy and Franceska playing.....

I love my sister in law Megan.....
Franceska and big sissy Astrud destroying her room.....Mommy and Franceska getting her ears pierced!!! She was so good!!!!
This is Franceskas, Aunt Olga which she loved very very much!
This is the first time I met my daddy's mommy....My Grandma!!!
Franceska rides in the car seat with her legs up in the air half the time!!! It just cracks us up!!!
Here is Franceska getting ready to get into some kind of trouble!!!! LOL

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, there will be more soon!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Gotcha Day Video!!

Another very nervous and anxious mommy was filming this for us so it is a little shaky , but you will get the blessing of it, I just know you will! This is the very minute that our angel was placed in our arms and immediately we knew it was completely all from GOD!!


Today I kissed an Angel

I knew if from the start

The first time my angel smiled at me

I gave away my heart

Today I kissed an Angel

This angel child of mine

Though not of my creation

My child by God's design

Today I kissed an Angel

My heart is dancing wild,

A family by a miracle

Blessed by this angel child.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One year ago today Angels danced the day you were born and one month ago today you were placed in our arms and our life will never be the same. We love you so much Franceska Danielle, you are such a blessing in our lives...................................................................HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!

P.S. I promise I will get caught up and start posting regularly again.......:)