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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This may be way too much Information, BUT......

Ok this may be way too much information , but today I felt like this kitty looks because I had to have a sonogram in my "private" place to check for scar tissue and endometriosis and gunk because I need to have a complete hysterectomy and guess what they found???? A big ole honkin fibroid tumor!!!!(which explains alot , to say the least). Then if that was not enough I had to have a mammogram because yes you guessed it I have crap in my almost non existent boobs that tend to flare up , so I was smashed like "Roadkill" like the cat!!! I AM A WALKING FEMALE FLOP!!! None of it ever worked anyway other than to give me grief so it's coming out!!! BUT if that is not enough violation for one person to handle , next week I have to have a colonoscopy to check for more scar tissue and stuff, by this time next week I will have been completely humiliated and violated so please keep my sanity in your prayers!!!!!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

I am so sorry. I can hold your hands though this, i have had a lot of that done lately too. It really stinks. The good news is you get to get it over with at once.

All of my friends are trying to convince me that I should get a hysterectomy. I am trying hang on. I feel sometimes that because my organs are inside people don't value them. If they wanted to remove a mans baby making organs they would do what they could to not do it. Even if there were a tumor. I understand mixed emotions over the whole thing, because you have had so much trouble. I am sorry for all of this happening at once.


Jeter Mama said...

girlfriend - I had THE.EXACT.SAME.THING wrong with my female plumbing.
Hysterectomy was the best thing I have ever done!
(also have the same booby problems)
thank God nothing with a colonoscopy yet!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh girl, I am laughing over here, but I know it's not funny. Hang in there, it really is great that you are taking your health seriously and getting done what needs to be done.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Had to pop in and say I so feel for you. I've been dealing with the same gynocological crap since I was a mere 20 years old! I had my right ovary removed at 20 due to a tumor. I've had more colonoscopy's than I dare to remember. I see my gyno 4 times a year for a pap to make sure nothing new has cropped up. I literally hold my breath waiting for the results. I'm totally anxiety ridden until the results come in. I've begged my doctor to do a hysterecotomy however she keeps telling me my insurance won't agree to it. Something about me being too young... I'm 46. I don't think it's that young. lol.

Just wanted you to know there is someone else out there who has been there too. You will be in my thoughts.

p.s. I found you from Awaiting Ava

Kathryn said...

Hi Kristy, So sorry to here all the things you have to go through. I have had my share of "boob squishing, everyone under the sun lets take a look at my insides and while your at it lets invite the rest of the hospital staff to take a look" UGGGGG!!!!
I wish you the best and may all this "stuff" that you are going through pass quickly and I will pray for your health and happiness!
Love, Kathryn

Salome's Mom said...

I am so sorry. I know how it feels. Take heart, it will all be behind you soon (no pun intended).


PS: I found you on Rony's blog. I steal all her friends.

M~W said...

Hi Kristy~

Sounds like you are having a heck of a time! I haven't had the female problems you are dealing with but I did have a colonoscopy done about 2 years ago due to IBS. I hope that nothing more is found and you catch a break~ sounds like you could use one! I will keep you in my prayers.

Talk to you soon~ Michelle

Our Red Thread Journey said...

I, too, have been subjected to Darth Vader's light sabre. It's miserable. I know how you feel. You have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. Talk soon!