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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ok ...about our trip to Chicago!!

I know alot of you have been wondering about the EMW conference in Chicago. First of all I really have to give credit to Great Wall for putting on a really informative conference. For Frank and I it was to be totally honest alot of repetition. We have been to the travel seminars and other stuff so the conference was alot of stuff that we have already sat through in the last two years.

But if you have not done all of the seminars the conference is a good opportunity to kill alot of birds with one stone.

BUT I HAVE TO SAY THAT CHICAGO IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first time to be in Chicago and that town is unbelievable as far as architecture goes. And I have to admit that being a "LAKE" kid, I was in awe that what I was looking at was not the ocean but a lake!!!! It is unbelievable. We did the Hancock building, we went to Navy Pier, we did a segway tour that was the best $150.00 we have ever spent as far as fun goes!!! AND ..... I went to my first Broadway play. We saw "WICKED" on saturday night and it was great!!! If it is in your town ...GO!!!! You will love it.

We met some really neat people. AJ and Tracey from Ohio. They are LID January 07. They have two boys. We went to the play with them and some other things and it was so nice getting to know them and we are really looking forward to becoming good friends with them and watching their journey also.

And we met Lisa and Jerry Howell from Chicago. And they were so much fun, Jerry was a riot with his dry sense of humor, he was really funny!! Lisa really dislikes living in Chicago and wants to get back to Texas as soon as she can. A girl after my own heart!!!! lolol It was kinda neat meeting her, I have a close friend and her name is Lisa and maiden name is Howell. How weired is that????

One really good thing about attending this conference was that Frank got really involved so to speak. Thru this entire journey Frank has been the silent one. Just keeping his distance from the blog , etc. Always saying that it will happen when God is ready for it to happen. He is always praying for our daughter across the world and loving her from a distance. But the conference I think made it real to him. And now it is just not me that knows certain things. I don't know if I am making any sense at all, I hope some of you know what I mean.

Frank and AJ went to the session about the Adoption Tax credit and all of you need to really educate yourself about that. There was alot we did not know. For instance, every dime you spend in reference to your adoption can be claimed. Like even our hotel cost, everything can be claimed, so educate yourself okie dokie.

Love and blessings!


Thanks to Thom and Peggy another couple we met in Chicago the picture I have titled "Gorgeous Church" is actually the original Chicago Water Tower. Thom also said that it survived the Great Chicago fire of 1871.

I apologize for not mentioning Thom and Peggy before. For the life of me I could not remember Peggy's name. I apologize for that Peggy. They are the one's that told us to do the Segway tour. IT WAS AWESOME!!! And we will be back to Chicago!!! We want to take all of our kids, we want to see them experience such an awesome city!!! Thank you again.


Kelley said...

I'm glad you had such a great time! Even though it was repetitious, it sounds like you got a lot out of going!

Thom said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time here in the Second City. I see you took my suggestion about the Segway tour. Great way to see a lot of ground. You had a beautiful day for it too. Hope you guys will visit Chicago again.
FYI - the picture you have listed as "gorgeous church" is actually the original Chicago Water Tower. One of the few buildings to survive the great chicago fire of 1871. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. Thom & Peggy

sara said...

I heart Chicago too!! Since we are from southern Iowa, Chicago has always been the "big" city that has been the closest! We are die hard BEARS fans!! Can't wait to get back there! Glad the conference was educational!

Pug Mama said...

looks like a great time. I love Chicago as well.

Margaret Miracle said...

Glad you had fun!!! I love Chicago too!!

mommy24treasures said...

sounds like a wonderful trip.

Kate said...


I just had to do a quick post when I saw you with Snow Wu. We are a second time GW family (LID 10/10/07...so we definitely have a long wait ahead of us!). We love Snow in our household and I hope I can meet her someday. I have a lot of respect for her! The EMW conference sounds great...some families from my LID Yahoo group attended as well and found it really informative!

Best wishes...I will drop by again!


tracey said...

I loved the pictures of Chicago. We are so happy we made into your blog we feel special. Will you email those pictures I would love to have them.