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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Praise HIM!!!

Ok the pictures from the wedding will come soon, but for now I just have to share this with all of you!!!!

I will try to make this short and sweet!!!

Last summer my husband Frank had Lasik eye surgery. He was darn near blind. Everyone we knew that had had the surgery said it was like having completely new eyes. Well.... Frank was not that lucky. You see he has some funky things going on with his eyes and for almost a year we have been getting new prescriptions for his glasses that he watches tv with and such. This is because his eyesight was changing rapidly the way it was expected to. For three weeks now he has had an enhancement scheduled that we were told would be more in detail than even the first procedure.

OK with that said there is another sequence of events that I have to tell you before I go any further..... For about 3 years I have been praying that Frank would openly pray with me outloud as a couple. The bible tells us to do this,we are also told that he man of the house is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the home, and he is in every other aspect of our lives, but praying aloud was just not where he was yet!!! Alot of our friends do this and I really wanted this connection with my husband. There is just something a woman feels when she knows her man is praying with her. And I wanted that. But he was just not ready. We have even argued about it thru the years.

There has been alot of medical things going on with both of us and I did not have a good day sunday so before we went to bed I grabbed Frank and Astrud and I prayed aloud, and guess what... Frank added his prayers in also!! And then on tuesday, and wednesday he did the same. But he was taking the initiative to start the prayers. We had also been praying for him at work. Well.... he had even said on the second night that something was going on with his sight and I kind of just shrugged it off and said well on thursday it will all be fine.

So here we are sitting and waiting for the procedure and Frank has some questions in regards to medication and such and by chance the doctor says lets take a look. He worked with the optical lens machine with Frank for about 30 minutes and then asked him , Frank are you a praying man???? Frank anwswered yes, and as a matter of fact my wife has been asking me to pray with her for a really long time and we just started doing that this week! The doctor then scratches his head and says well it worked because your vision is 20/20!!!!!! Can you believe that????????

Had Frank not asked the doctor those questions , they would have proceeded with the procedure and what they were going to do, the doctor said that would have completely ruined everything that had already been accomplished!!!! And chances are his sight would have been awlfully worse.

So I praise my father in heaven. PRAYER WORKS , and we truly believe this is the work of his hands. It is our own little miracle. Thank you God for taking care of us and for loving us the way you do. Praise HIM!


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

What an awesome testimony!! :0) I'm so glad Frank's eyes are doing so well. I wish I was brave enough to have the procedure done but alas, I'm NOT!

I'm still waiting on your address girlfriend so I can send you that sweet pic of my gal :0)

Kathryn said...

That is truly amazing!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful thing that he is doing well.
My husband has been really changed these days by his ever growing faith and prayer, it is remarkable how much better we both are since we have grown in our faith and count our blessings each day.

Laura Nipper said...

Well praise the Lord that is so awesome. Its been a ruff week this week and was nice to here about an answer to pray. God is so good.

Michelle Rod said...

HALLELUJAH!!!HOLD ON TO YOUR BRITCHES KRISTY it has only just began:) Sorry I didn't get to read it sooner,I have been managing two properties again and not able to check my email till I get home. But I have really seen Frank grow in his faith and to witness... is awesome! "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in in heaven. Matt 18:19 Hope to see you soon, LOVE YA-Michelle

lindanuts said...

Amazing! Praise God and His wonderous ways. He has worked a miracle for Frank and you are His witness. You go, girl!

Debz said...

God is so good. Wow how inspiring!
Amazing what happens in life when we obey Him!!! Praise God! I'm so hapy for you guys!

PS. There is something about our husbands praying that just seem to somehow make them more attractive isn't there?.....You know?...some men wear tight jeans, others pray! Personally I'm all for the later!!!! Boom chicka bow wow!
Hope this new level of life blesses you more and more each day!

OH MY #6 said...

Wow, you have taken my breath away!


Tyrone & Bailey said...

this is an amazing story. by the end, i had tears in my eyes! thank you for sharing this with us!