Welcome to our Life..it's a crazy busy one, but that's just us! We have 7 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and 5 Grandbuttons!!! WITH #6 & & 7 ON THEIR WAY!!!! We came home on July 15, 2010 with our Princess Franceska Danielle, we hope you enjoy our life because we sure do!! God has just BLESSED beyond what we could have ever imagined!!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Bringing you up to date on a few things!!

First of all if you are wondering................THIS IS HOW WE FEEL!!!! To all of you other waiting mommies and daddy's is it the way you feel too!!!!! STILL WAITING

If you have not heard of Stephanie Meyer and her book series, well here it is. Astrud, Emily, Jena, Joan ,Sara and myself have started this obsession that apparently the rest of the world has started also. I myself had never really read books of this nature before, I am kind of a "Love story" kind of girl. Well this is actually a love story but it is a story about Vampires and Werewolves!! And it is so addicting. As we speak Joan and the girls are on their way to Borders for the Midnight release of the fourth book. If you have not started reading these books , you just gotta start!!!! The first book is Twilight, 2nd is New Moon and the 3rd is Eclipse. On December 12th Twilight will come out as a movie!!! And the 4th book coming out tonight is Breaking Dawn.

This is my new 2008 Chevrolet Equinox, mine is Golden Teal Metallic and I LOVE IT!!!!! Now all it needs is Franceska.
This is Frank's new truck. It is not this color, it is Chevrolets new color which is a blue, but a different kind of blue. It is really pretty. It is a Z71 Silverado and he is like a little boy with a new toy!!! We were spending close to $700.00 a week on gas in Frank's work van and it was killing us, so we had to do something. And two weeks later we decided to trade in my trooper, it had 142,000 miles on it. But it was so hard to leave it behind I love that vehicle, but Frank said, Oh get over it, it is TIRED!!!!


Christie said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the lovely comment!!

Can you send your hubby over to get me a new car too? I'm happy to part with mine!!! (but I totally get it....I had my Saturn for years and bonded with that little car...so when it came time to trade in, I cried. Just a little, but I did..) Women! (as my hubs would say)


LINDA said...

I have heard so much about these books. I think I will ask at the library about them....Congrats on those gorgeous new vehicles. My DH tried to buy me a new car but I love my Explorer and it only has 80,000 miles on it. Someday....not now....

Cyndi and Dean James said...

Love these books. We just started reading Twilight. I can't wait until the movie. Congrats on the new car. That is a cool car. Love how you can move the back seat. Very comfortable. Love to have new cars and I also love the new car smell. You enjoy you car.
Cyndi James
Waiting for Alicyn Shea
LID 10/24/06

Amy Gray said...

I'll have to check out those books! You know I'm a reader!

The new cars are beautiful! Good for you guys! Enjoy!

Tyrone & Bailey said...

awesome new cars!! how exciting! i cannot WAIT to get rid of my gas guzzler and get something i love! (soon, soon, my hubby promises!!)

AND, the shoes, glove, and putter are all too precious for words, as is what they represent, the two of you preparing for your daughter!

glad you are back!!

Lesa said...

I love, love this clip art piece. I have copied it for my blog as well and let me tell you we feel this way too!
Hang in there.