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Friday, November 7, 2008

Just some thoughts!!!


I just had some thoughts, some are good , some are bad......

1.I am so thankful that even though the CCAA only matched supposedly two days this month, we are at least one more LID date away from our Franceska.

2.I also am so thankful that I am sitting at my computer while next to me the window is open because the weather here is just the exact way I like it.

3.I am thankful that even though my candidate did not win the Presidential election, on Wednesday night at church, Karen reminded us of what Romans 13 says,
Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities,
for there is no authority except that which God has established.
The authorities that exist have been established by God.

So the way I interpret that is we are to submit to the government because it is there for our benefit and protection , and God is the one who allows all authorities to rule. Yet there are also times when civil disobedience is warranted. When a governements actions violate the precepts of God, believers have a responsibility to act. (Ac5:29). Prayer , protests, boycotts, and other campaigns all can be utilized to bring about change , but all must be couched in love. (1Co 16:14). I voted as a Christian, I voted because at least I know that the candidate I did vote for is a Christian. I voted for all of the unborn babies that will more than likely lose their right to live. The forefathers of my country based the constitution on the Bible. With that all being said, and after having read Romans 13, I do pray for our new President, I pray that God leads him to lead our country in the way it was meant to be ran. I pray that his family is safe, and I pray that everyday God graces me with the trust I need to wholeheartedly trust my new President.

(Now if I have offended anyone, I apologize. There are alot of you that I love dearly , and alot of you that I barely know that have been very vocal on this very subject and I have not left one ill comment on any other blogs, this is my opinion and I pray that you respect that as I have respected you.)

4.Now to something that has just irritated the heck out of me. My daughter Astrud as all of you know has some really special friends, that I might add Frank and I along with the rest of our extended family love to pieces. But one of their parents has just pissed me off. Everytime she has been with Astrud in at least the last 7 months or so has questioned Astrud politically and spiritually. Now don't get me wrong Astrud has this innate ability to hold HER own. When asked about the bible, or her opinions on certain things she is quite capable of giving an educated, responsible, mature answer. BUT the other day this particular parent cornered Astrud and ask her WHY this , and WHY that which were political questions and when Astrud replied because I vote the BIBLE, this woman started telling her that you are always throwing around the bible, and throwing around your beliefs, etc. etc. etc.....

So Astrud just told her that you can't pick which parts of the bible you want to follow that you have to follow all of it. I must remind you that my daughter is only 15 years old and way ahead of me in her relationship with HIM at her age than I was. She is not an arrogant, saracastic kid, and I know that she answered her in a tone just like she always uses in her everyday conversations. Now for any of you who know me, know that I am a tad bit more mouthier , and have more temper that I would like to admit, but to my daughters asking I have not said anything to this lady. Also because I love her daughter as if she was my own, I have never once questioned her political views or spiritual life. I have witnessed to her, but not in a pushy way, I have witnessed to all the girls about being accountable to and for each other, in everyday life. It just pisses me off that this lady feels as if she can do this to our 15 year old daughter. OK I am done, I have vented on this subject and won't bring it up again.

5.And something else that irritates me is that today online there are tons of emails out there of women that are being so negative about the small amount of days that made it thru referral and how they are going to probably quit the program, how it is probably going to be another year and a half for us April 06ers!!!!! Good gravy ladies, you have made it this far , how can you just turn your away from the baby that you have been loving and waiting for so long???? First , I don't think it is going to be another year and a half before us April 06ers get our babies!!! Second, I don't care how BIG March 06 is, or how many families are logged in , there are still 31 days in March just like the rest of the year. Does that make me stupid???? Honestly , is that a dumb way to look at that???? I truly believe in my heart of hearts that the CCAA is really trying to get thru the backlog as fast as they can.

6.And LAST......I do with every ounce of my soul believe that this is the last Christmas that we will be without Franceska. I do believe that she will be home this summer. I have FAITH. We are only 2 months away from the last LID that was referred, and we have endured this far, we are NOTgoing anywhere!!!! Our baby is waiting for us somewhere in China.

*****Sorry for the bitchiness of this post, I just needed to get it all out, I did, and now I feel so much better, thank you for listening*****


OH MY #6 said...

Hey friend,

You post is thought provoking and I thank you, for the opportunity of reading your views.

You speak your mind and that what I especially love about you!


PS. I was a bit of a DEBBIE DOWNER yesterday. Have a look at my post. But, not pulling out!

sara said...

You are so right on, girl!! Stay the course - fight the fight. PERSEVERE!!!!!!

Janet said...

I hate it when people go after my beliefs like a pitbull, but then when you ask them about theirs (or lack of), they get all defensive and angry. Um....it goes both ways, baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy,
I hear you on the election. You know we can't give up on these precious gifts from God. I will fight for them until the day I die.

Monica H
Idalou TX

redmaryjanes said...

Let it out girl! I would be upset about that other parent for sure. That is not appropriate.

Kathryn said...

This is why you are special!!!!! Your never ending faith and strength is always inspiring to me, I wish I had the strength you have had during this wait, but I have failed miserably!!!
We are still in this for the long haul!!!!!!!!!!!!

Polar Bear said...

I agree, this WILL be the last Christmas we are 'waiting'. There was a time that I was wanting to pull out. Had it not been for my husband we would have left the adoption. Thankfully we are still in, and now I will wait as long as it takes. The may be wheeling me off the plane in a wheelchair, and giving me a teenager, but our daughter will come home. ;o)

So sorry your daughter has to deal with all of that. It sounds like she handled herself really well.

Lisa F (NJ) said...


Your post gave me so many things that I wanted to say but I don't want to write a short novel.....

I am sorry that your daughter went through that! I am thrilled that your daughter can stand up for what she believes in and the next time that women gives her a hard time for "throwing the bible around" she should remind her that SHE ASKED!!!!!! If she didn't want to hear the answer she should not have asked the question!

I love you, I wish you well and yes this will be our last Christmas. We must all have patience and find our strength some where to hang on and wait just a little longer.

Thank you for a well spoken, honest, from your heart (as usual) post.


Lisa F (NJ) said...

OOPS!!!! Can I edit that??????

I didn't mean our last Christmas.......

I meant our last Christmas without our babies!!!!!

Oh well, I hope you knew what I meant and now you are getting a good laugh!!!!!


Margaret Miracle said...

I know that your journey to Franceska has been much longer than you ever anticipated. I love your positive attitude when it comes to the wait. My candidate did not win and I did not get to vote since I headed to LA for the family emergency. I too am praying for our future president and hoping for the best. I love the edgier posts and it has been wonderful catching up with your blog after a week away...seems like longer!
Margaret (who is so blissfully happy to be home!)

Laura Nipper said...

Thank you for posting about the whole president thing. It is hard to know what will happen with the future of our country, but knowing that God is in control helps bring some comfort.
Praying that your baby girl will be home very soon.

Sherri & Todd said...

My dear Friend,

I'm trying to stayed to come to terms with our new President. Our pastor said today today that made me think and made me feel a little at ease on the subject. God does have his reasons for doing what he does. I'm a lot like you in so many ways, I stayed away from those blogs and comments myself. I voted for McCain because i'm a Christian too and as well and my beliefs in life and everything else that I beleive in.

Now for the CCAA - I feel in my heart that you DO NOT have another year of waiting, if anyone does it's us. I beleive that the CCAA is trying to clean up there back log and your referral will be here before you know it. Unlike us I don't think Emma will be home for at least 2 more Christmas's which will really suck but we're not going anywhere. Emma is in China waiting for us to come and get her and we will go and get her.

I'm sorry for that that nasty lady said those things to your daugther, it's people like that that piss me off too.

Be strong and let it out any old time you want. Now on a happier note - stop by our blog and see what our Youth kids did today. They did something so incrediable that it brought tears to me eyes and i'm so glad that I and Sam got to be a part of it. Our God is good.

I love you my friend, oh and I left a message on your home phone.


Sherri & Todd said...

oops, take the first to and stayed out of that comment....lol.

insanemommy said...

Kristy, I didn't realize you were so, so close.. You are almost there and I do believe you will have your baby this summer! You have not wavered. Continue to be strong. I'm here for you always.

Lesa said...

I have lately been down because of friends getting their referral via SN's. I will not be able to travel with some of them now. I also want my MYLIE as well! I pray that it doesn't take us into 2010 like one of my friends just predicted due to the amount that the CCAA has released.
I also pray that my little bird that told me she felt it would be May/June 09' to get our referral.... I'm having a hard time believing this due to the fact we are June 19th 06! Please, oh please, don't let it be 2010....

We have 4 months ahead of us now.

Alyson & Ford said...

You are so good to share your thoughts even knowing they may not sit well with others.
We pray for our country's leadership too, all in God's plan.


Beverly said...

Why would a parent ever question a 15 year old about her beliefs? Parents can confront parents but should never corner children.