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Monday, March 16, 2009

La Vernia Jr. Livestock Show 2009

Here are some pictures of our local 2009 La Vernia Jr. Livestock Show . I know alot of you out there in blogland might not get this,but my sisters and I grew up showing sheep and hogs. For those of you that don't know what that means. You raise these animals and work them and prepare them for the show. Now our kids are doing this. My daddy has been on the Stock Show committee practically all of our lives. This has always been a family affair. And now there are so many of us that used to show against each other in the stands watching OUR children show against each other. To me it is still a whole lotta innocence that we can hold on to for our children. It keeps them grounded and teaches them tons of responsibility. So here are a few pictures , I hope you enjoy them.

Here's Jade! She got robbed of showmanship this year. She did a great job and we were so proud of her!!! Great job Jade!
Here's Lily showing, and she did a great job!
Jade and Lily both had two pigs each that they raised and two of their hogs ended up in the same weight class ,so they had to show against each other. Here is a pic of the sisters competing against each other. Jade placed higher and got to sale.
Both of Blaines sheep fell into the same weight class so he had to have Kaley show one of them and as you see the judge liked both of them and in the next picture you will see what happened!!
And look what he has in his back pockets!!!Here is my Daddy handing Blaine his 1st and 2nd place ribbon! I love this picture!! Great job Blaine!!
Heres my Daddy, this is probably his favorite week of the year! (he doesnt think the Stock show can happen without him!hehehe)
Here's Katy! If I remember right she got 1st place in her lamb class, and she got Grand Champion Steer also!!! Way to go Katy!!

Great Job Coby! (theres my Daddy too)THIS IS THE BEST PICTURE OF THE POST. AFTER LILY REALIZED THAT SHE DID NOT MAKE THE SALE, SHE RAN TO NONNY AND JUST CRIED HER HEART OUT. All of you know that my Momma has Alzheimers and this was not a good week for her ,but at this specific moment she really did not even know where she was, she did not want me out of her sight, but at this exact moment all my Momma knew is that one of her grandbaby's was crying....just look at her face, she really does not know what is going on BUT she knew enough to comfort her granddaughter. This picture is priceless to me and just so special to me. I know one day Lily will cherish this just like I already do.


Michelle said...

That picture of your mom and Lily brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how hard this is on you and your family. ~ Michelle

Tyrone & Bailey said...

i can safely say i "get" this whole post :)

i also had tears in my eyes when i saw the pic and read what you had to say about it. i have not been through this, but i can only imagine that how open you are is helping other people who are experiencing the same trials.

love you,

Lisa F (NJ) said...

Welll, now you've just gone and made me cry! That picture is just so precious and so full of love. It's just beautiful! Today is my mother's 75th birthday and last night I made her birthday dinner and favorite cake. I am so blessed that we have these times to share together.

My nieces were in Future Farmers of America, and we live in the farm country part of New Jersey so I completely understand and appreciate your photos. Great job!

Patricia/NYC said...

What a beautiful photo of your mom & Lily...so tender & bittersweet for sure.

This post was so interesting to me as it is so far removed from what I know! Fascinating!! :)

OH MY #6 said...

wow, that truly is a gift that picture with your mom. I didn't know that you where raised on a farm? How special that your dad is so involved.

I love these events. I love farm and country living.

I just got to thinking. I don't know what you do for a living. I wish I knew more about your life and I guess that what BLOGGING reveals.

Lots of Love to you my friend.


Laura Nipper said...

Ok that bottom picture got me all chocked up. I use to raise chickens growning up and would always enter them in the local fairs. I think my mom was into it way more than I was. Hope you are having a great week.

Janet said...

That last picture made me tear up! How incredibly sweet and lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheffie-Mom said...

The picture of your Mom and Lily touched my heart.

Livestock shows are the norm here in East Texas, too. (:

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures---I do get the showing. Here in podunk, iowa, they do alot of 4-H stuff and we do have county fairs and the huge state fair. I love to visit the various barns.
Your Momma/Nonny is so dear to your family. You can see the love. It is there even if you can't always see it.
Big hugs(((()))) :)

Mama Duck said...

What a fantastic post! I LOVED learning more about a livestock show--it's like something out of "Charlotte's Web" for me, since I didn't grow up with it like you did. That last picture is beautifully heartbreaking--your family, and especially your mom, are in my prayers.

lily said...

hey Meme it is Lily,

the picture of me and Jade is so good . I also hope that nonny will
be all right and i hope you do to.
rayn loves you so much. I love nonny so much i hope she will be all right.

Shannon Kosub said...

You know Kristy, Glenn and I HONESTLY had no idea your mom had Alzheimers until just a couple weeks ago. That picture made me CRY! I have always admired your moms love for her family and I can see that type of love was learned by you and your sisters. Your dad is a true example of a GREAT man with a HUGE heart, and you inherited that as well!

kerri said...

The picture of Nonny and Lily is just beautiful beyond words...
A treasured keepsake..

Michelle Rod said...

OK you are not my favorite person right now....you need to put a warning on things. I am sitting here at work with tears just streaming...I LOVE that pic with your Mom. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Chelle

Sherri & Todd said...

Kristy, that is such a beautiful picture of your Mom with Lily. I can't stop looking at it. I can only imagine what you must go through. My Mom is going back to Maryland in a few weeks for good. She's very hard for me to deal with just myself, my 2 brothers and 2 sisters need her now and she's only going on 68.
Love you girl,
ps...i'm still feeling a bit under the weather, will I ever shake this thing. Time to get Sam in the tub, night my friend.

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Great pictures!

Margaret M said...

That last picture just brought tears to my eyes! I really love the other pics too...brings back so many childhood memories!

kerry said...

Kristy thank you so much for the picture of mom and lily. That will be one of lilys stories that she can tell her kids when she becomes a mommy(a very long time from now). Thank you for always having that camera for all my kids events, because you know me i always forget mine. Thanks for making me cry!!!!!!!!! I Love You

RamblingMother said...

That is truly a very precious pic of your mom and her grandbaby.