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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Astrud and Emily's Mission Homecoming

They are home!!! FIRST...Thank you God for taking care of them and bringing them home safely. These girls came home forever changed. They saw poverty and sadness that I have yet to see in my life.They went and did what HE asks us to do, they went and taught people about him, spread the word, and even taught children how to ask God into their hearts. I am in awe of both of these girls. They have such hearts for Jesus and his word. The group of peers that they were put together with from all over the country was certainly a blessing from God. It was as if they had all known each other forever and they also formed friendships that they will have for a lifetime. It was so hard to let her go, but how do you say no to a calling from God??? Listening to our daughter and Emily talk of their experiences is truly amazing. And I can safely say that our daughter Astrud will be a missionary for the rest of her life, so I better get use to it. Thank you to all of our family, friends, church family and all of my precious friends in Blogland for your thoughts and prayers, it was truly felt during their absence. Words are not adequate, thank you so much from the depths of my heart. God bless all of you.
OHHHHH....here they are
HAPPY , THANKFUL PARENTS with their Girls!!!
Our first glimpse of our babies!!!!
We were so excited to see them!!!
A Giant Hug from her Bubba!
A hug from her cousin Greg!
Hug from Big Brother Christopher!!! She is just spoiled rotten from the men in her life!!! I don't have anything to do with that!!!!
Cousins waiting patiently.....or not
Megan passing the time:)
Emily's mom Margaret with her Welcome Home sign!!
The flight was of course late, so the little ones were entertining each other being silly!!
Anyone who knows me knows that I dont go many places without my camera, so when we were all stopped at the light near the airport I just had to stick my camera out my window and this is what I got from Christopher and Amy!!! Cracks me up!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE IT... looks like the girls had a GREAT time and were welcomed home by soooo many loved ones..
LOVE the photo at the end.. looks like what my kids would do..LOL..
Have a great week.
love ya..

Amy Lynn said...

We are SO pretty!! Love you

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

I am glad they went but I am glad for you that you have them home!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank You Jesus for their safe return and for their heart for You. How thankful I am for each and every person who shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who don't know Him, and for each hand that reaches out to minister to a child in need.
Thank you girls.....
Well done.

Lesa said...

Reminds me so much of our daughter when she went to Peru and Honduras.

Glad they had each other to share their experience and that they are both back home safe and sound.