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Monday, November 9, 2009


This post is all about my neice Jade Alexandria. She is my first. I remember exactly the day that my sister Kerry told me she was pregnant, I can tell you exactly what happened every second of the day she was born. She is 13 yrs old now and and she is turning into a beautiful young woman. I am doing this post about her because I know that sometimes she feels as though I dont love her like I do Lily and Rayn. Jade has always been a big mommas girl and when Lily came she was just so attached to me and then Rayn was born and although Rayn is a mommas girl too, she is a Meme's girl also. And speaking of Meme, it is Jade that named me that. We always referred to me as Aunt Kristy and one day it just came out and so Meme I am. Jade also took her first steps to me, and I will cherish that forever.

In all honesty we are a very LOUD family, BUT Jade is the loudest!!! Even though she drives us crazy with her pessimistic attitude that she gets honestly from her Daddy, and her smart mouth some of the time, she is one of the funniest people I have ever known. She is THE QUEEN OF SARACASM!!!!

I love watching her with my Momma, she loves her Nonny and has a special way with her. Jade has a way of hiding her feelings with laughter, it's her way of protecting her heart. She does not know it but I see this all of the time. And the way she gets thru Nonnys disease is to just laugh and make jokes. The beautiful thing about that is she has a way of bringing out my Moms "real" smile, and I love that!!!

Before Alzheimers my Mom was a "colorful" character to say the least. She was awesome and funny as heck!!! She could cus like a sailor and tell a joke like nobody else, so when Jade is being loud and obnoxious it just cracks me up at some of the things that come out of my Moms mouth to Jade!!! The way Jade just shrugs it off and cracks up just kills me!!!! I cant wait to see her with Franceska, I know she is going to be the best "Big Cousin" ever. So today I honor my very first beautiful neice Jade Alexandria.....I love you more than you will ever know and I am so proud of everything that you do and who you are and look forward to watching who you will become.

I love you, Meme

This is Jade getting ready to paint her Nonny's nails. You gotta be fast because she won't sit very long, but Jade has a way with her and she always gets the job done.
Working fast....with a little help from Rayn
Walking with her Nonny.....
Jade and Nonny
3 Generations, Jade , My mom , and My little sister Kerry
Look at her hugging Nonny and here was a little glimpse of my Mom's "Real Smile", we take it anyway we can get it...
So pretty!
This picture depicts her personality to a "T", when she is not being stubborn!!! lol
Oh those eyes...those beautiful eyes


Tyrone & Bailey said...

What a beautiful thing to have written. Your family is so blessed to have you. I love reading about them, it makes me feel closer :)

love you

kerri said...

What a beautiful and very special Neice, Daughter and Granddaughter to her "Nonny".

Shannon Kosub said...

She is so lucky to be Blessed with such a wonderful Grandmother, Mother, and AUNT!!!! This was written from the heart and it hit mine! She will have this to treasure forever and I know it will always mean so much!!!!


PS. HER and KERRY look so much alike in that picture!!!!! WOW!!

Sherri said...


Your niece is just BEAUTIFUL!! she looks lke she's so full of life for such a young girl. Love the smile on her face and her painting her Nonny's toes, too cute!

love ya,

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what a beautiful post.



Anonymous said...

nice post! my boys have an auntie meme also. when i was pregnant with our first, my friend would always pat my tummy and say "it's me!" so she became meme! nice memories. mrs.k.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

She sounds a lot like KyLee.. so full of energy..
LOVE this post..
have a great week..
Love ya

Amy Lynn said...

That's my favorite cousin!!! Love you Jade!!!

Nancy said...

Sweet post, and great to see photos of your mom smiling. Many blessings to your family.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous young lady and to spend all that precious time with her Nonny... it is these times she will cherish... I can relate so much with you here... my eldest niece Maddie was the one I looked after from the day she was born and I left her when she was about to turn 5...
Then a few months ago my sister asked her who her favourite Aunt was and Maddie said "Fliss"... hehehe... I still have it 10,000 miles away. So I get it :)

Here is an old post of her... she is now 12 and starting High School next year.

Kayce said...

A beautiful young lady! I too have a very special niece and watching her grow up has been such a blessing! Thank you for sharing Jade with us!

kerry said...

Thank you so much for writing that about my beautiful daughter!!!! She is one of a kind. I know sometimes she can be hateful but she does have a big heart!!!!!

Amy Gray said...

That was beautiful Kristy! Jade is becoming a beautiful young lady! I've missed seeing her grow up! I've missed you all and it makes me sad...but reading your posts and seeing your beautiful pictures makes my heart smile! I love you all!

Mya said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful girl! I love the photos.