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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amy, Rick and the kids visit 2009

This is AMY,and I love her!!! For those of you who have followed for quite some time I am sure you remember her. For those of you who are fairly new to our family Amy is a BEST FRIEND to me and my sister Kerry. Amy is always the same, she always has your best interest at heart, she is oh so true to friendship, she loves real hard, and again she never wavers in love or friendship... she is always the same , constant, faithful FRIEND that she was the first time we met, and for her I am so thankful to God. Her and Rick and the 3 kids, Garett, Kyndall and Zane had to move away a while back for his job and once a year we get to be together and we all three , well all of our family look forward to this each year. We catch up and oh and ah over how our kids have changed. Although we text or talk to each other weekly , it is just not the same as really being together. I can't wait for the day when they move back home. I can't wait for the day when Franceska is home because that will also mean that Amy will be here. I know there are tons of pictures here 29 to be exact, but I just want to share it all with you!!! I hope all of you enjoy our visit as much as we did!!! (CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO SEE IT BETTER)
Amy and Rick
Me, Amy and Kerry (my sister that might look a little funny or strained in these because two days before this she got a 4 inch incision in her belly for an incisional hernia)

My Gretchyn
Lily, Craig and Traci watching football!!
Zane and Garett...brothers!!
Here is Rayn and Bella...Bella is my sister Kerry's new baby!!! She is a "poop" machine!!
Traci and Frank in Astruds sunglasses!!!
Frank and Astrud.....those glasses are just hideous!!
My Amy and my "grandbutton" Joshua with his mommy!!
Here is Emily and Astrud trying to do the "First Baptist Youth "gang" signs!!!! Too funny!!
Astrud and Emily...simply gorgeous!!!
I don't know what she was doing ???? Brushing her teeth with her marshmallow????/No idea!!
Aunt Astrud helping Joshua...
Me and Amy ....who knows ?????
Kyndall and Rayn
Me and Kyndall
Garett and Lily playing soccer...
Kyndall and Rayn roasting marshmallows....
My Amy ...she's my favorite daughter in law!!!!
My Traci...she's my favorite too!!! lol (not pictured my other fav Megan)
Frank and Zane
Here is Craig and Astrud, is it wrong for a mother to think that her kids are the most beautiful ever!!!!
Astrud and her Papa, two of my loves.....( my kids call their Dad , Papa)

Frank, Zane and myself...


Anonymous said...

Well I have to say I Love these people too!!! I just wish they would move back already. There is just one thing I have to say is between Amy and Kristy, I can not get a word in!!!!!!! Love you guys

kerry said...

Sorry that was me KERRY

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
So glad you had a great visit....
and as for kids being the cutest..
We are all that way..
but they are sure gorgeous...
Love ya..
Happy Thanksgiving...

Debz said...

Nice post! Looks like you had an awesome time.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from south of the borderPs. Gretchen looks like my Bailey!!!

Amy Gray said...

Thank you so much Kristy for all the wonderful pictures and the most beautiful words! And thank you also again for the beautiful day we got to spend with you guys! As I've mentioned before...you always speak from your heart and it's so genuine and sincere! I am so thankful and blessed for my friendship with you and Kerry and you're right...we are family and we are so blessed to be a part of what you guys have! And you're right, no matter how long were gone, we just pick right back up where we left off...probably in the same conversation...lol! I miss and love you all to the moon and back! And...Kerry as usual, you crack me up...I thought that was you when I read it! Love you!