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Monday, January 5, 2009

Just some pics and thoughts!

The first 3 pictures are my parents and are so special to me and bring out so many different emotions. The 1st one I will titile "THE KISS" , if only my Mom knew what she was doing when she was doing it. BUT I will treasure this picture forever.

The 2nd one is my Daddy and as I look into those eyes, I see such a tired, troubled man that is and will always be my Hero. He is so so good with my Mom, but yes it is taking its toll on him. He takes care of her everyday, with the only exception being when he lets us take care of her so he can have some down time. I love you Daddy.

The 3rd one is my Momma, and at the very moment this picture was taken, she really was making no sense in what she was laughing at, but we have learned to just go along with it, even the kids do it. Rayn, my 4 year old neice will just shake her head and say, "Nonny you are so silly"! It is just priceless. But I will always love this picture because this is how my Momma used to look when she would be cracking up at some dirty , nasty joke she or someone else told, or this is how she looked when she was just being herself, always laughing , joking and picking on someone. OHHHHHH how I miss that lady. Alzheimers is no fun. I love you Momma.

These are some of the most special people in the world to us. These are our PARENTS! From lt. to rt. My Momma and Daddy, Aunt Ida, Uncle Freddie, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Richard, Aunt Margie, Uncle Bob, Aunt Mary, Uncle Bill and Aunt Sara. Now that our grandparents are all gone, these are our "leaders' , our "examples", our Matriarchs and Patriarchs, and it is soooo scary that they are the "old people" now, but I thank God everyday for them. We are a close family , that loves hard and that argues hard, but at the end of the day we always know who and what we belong to and we always know that we are FAMILY and that we are always here for each other.

This is just a few of my cousins, my sisters and I with our signigficant others! There are about 25 ot 30 more! But as we were taking pictures we were recognizing that we have all really "GROWN" through the years!!! Dangit!!! That's me the tall wide one in the middle!!

And here are "OUR" kids...the great grandkids, it may not be all of us, but all of these cuties are quite a handful and we would not know what to do without them. We only wish that our grandparents were still here to see them.

My prayers for all of these people are for God to put a hedge of protection and love around all of them , and for each and everyone of them to ask God to reveal himself in their lives everyday. And for them to always Trust in their Lord and Savior.

Jacy and her family gave Franceska this ladybug cup/place and saucer set, and these precious bows!! (see the ladybugs..too cute)

Aunt Kerry gave these panties to Franceska, she bought them in 3 sizes, aren't they just too cute!!! I love ladybugs!


OH MY #6 said...

Hey friend,

I can't imagine how hard this must all be for you and the toll it is taking.

U R very right you dad looks tired.

My heart bleeds for you all. It sort of puts things in persective for me. Not that I want to use your issues for my own worth. But, somedays I do feel petty.

Love you lots too.


My lid was January 4/2007. Just past two years.

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a wonderful family! I love all the sweet ladybug gifts too...you are so special.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family..
Love all the pictures..
Love the ladybug goodies..
Have a Great Week..
I will be hosting a bow swap this week.. stop by..

Janet said...

Great stuff, but even better family pics. Your dad sounds like an incredible man.

Polar Bear said...


The pictures of your parents are priceless. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you all.



Ps. Very cute gifts for Franceska

Kathryn said...

Such a beautiful family, I'm so sorry about your mom, that is just heartbreaking. Love you!!!!!

Tyrone & Bailey said...

thank you for sharing the pics of your family. right now, family is the first thing on my mind, so this post hit home.

i am so sorry for all of the things you are going through, you are so strong.

you are a roll model for me, kristy! and, btw, tall and wide? tall, maybe! wide, ummmm...NO!!!

love ya,

Oatsvall Team said...

i am sure those pictures are treasures just like your parents ... i will send you some prayers for the difficult moments ...

love the lady bug panties ... blessings sweet friend ...

sara said...

Oh my gosh, your parents are adorable!!

& I LOVE the ladybug goodies!!!

Don and Be said...

A lovely overview of a wonderful family.....

Carol said...

what a nice bunch of family photos!!

Heather said...

You know I am partial to ladybugs!! Your mama and daddy are beautiful, just like their daughter. Prayers for your sweet dad and blessings to him as he cares for his sweetheart.

Hoping 2009 is filled with joyous surprises.


3D said...

I can only imagine how wonderful yet so hard those pictures are to look at. Hugs.

Keep smilin!

Lesa said...

I know you treasure these photos very much. I do wish they could find a cure!

Very cute ladybug stuff as well!

mommy24treasures said...

I too am sorry for the difficult time you are gong through right now. I admire you strength. I pray peace for you all.

Your goodies are such pefect thoughtful gifts.

Sharon said...

I have been through that too and I know it must be so hard!@ I will keep you in my prayers! I promise!!

Such cute gifts!

You all are such a fantastic family! WhaT a legacy is being carved out, spreading such love in the world..

kerryj said...

We have the best parents in the world. We may be disfunctional, but we love hard.

Love you,

Kerry (there favorite daughter)

kerryj said...

We have the best parents in the world. We may be disfunctional, but we love hard.

Love you,

Kerry (there favorite daughter)

kerryj said...
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Cyndi said...

Oh Kristy, I just cried when I looked at the pictures of your Mom and Dad after I read your notes. Your Mom is so lucky to have him he looks like a kind soul reminds me of my Dad. We are lucky to have such great men in our lives to live up to what they are and what they have shown us. And I love the fact that your Mom laughs all the time even when it isn't funny I am glad for yall that she isn't bitter so see the blessing in that big laugh she gives out!