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Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a few things.....

I have been gone for a while and I will get caught up...I know I say that all the time. We are going thru quite a bit right now. 2 weeks ago , Franks 45 yr. old cousin Laura had a stroke and then a very large clot was removed from her brain and she has still not waken up, she has had a high fever and now she has a staph infection. Please keep her in your prayers and thank you in advance for that.
We were in the ER with my mom last thursday. She is better for what she was seen for, but things are getting so hard and our lives are changing so much. For those of you far away, I am from a small town that goes back 5 generations in my family , so all of our lives there have been weddings, anniversary's and all things like that are always shared with tons of family around. This past weekend there was a very special wedding that I will share with you later and it was the first time that my parent's were not there. I know to alot of people that sounds like no big deal...but even at the age of 41 it was so hard for me that my Mom and Dad were not there. It just did not feel right, Just when you catch yourself having fun and laughing the reminder is always there that even though you are surrounded by family and lifelong friends that you love beyond words , your Mom and Dad are not there. We just can't take my mom to things like that anymore. It breaks my heart that my Daddy misses out, but at the same time he takes such good care of her and is so true to his vows. I just love my parents so much and am probably a little too dependent on their presence but that is just me. I miss my Mom so much, everyone does. It was a weekend of change for all of us and I have no other choice but to learn this new way of life. It is what it is and I know that my God will get all of us thru this, but nothing in life is promised to be easy.

On a VERY much happier note, I found out last week that my friend Bailey is going to have a baby. #4 to be exact. She is a friend that I met in blogland and I love her >so much. You know when you meet someone and you just feel connected to that person...well that is how my Bailey and I are. I love her and her family so much and we have yet to meet in person , but that will happen one day soon. Her blog is The Martin Zoo, so if you can.. go congratulate her,she would love that.
The wedding I mentioned was some longtime friends daughter Nicole and her husband Cody. Nicole also graduated with Steven. We are very close to this family and love them so much. The other daughter Kortni is also getting married in November. Nicole was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. My neice Rayn was the Flower girl and will also be Kortni's. And I must add that I think that Rayn looked like the most beautiful Angel ever. Here are some pictures from the beautiful wedding.

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Tyrone & Bailey said...

Ah, Kristy! You KNOW I cry at EVERYTHING right now, right?! So, I see you have an update, come to read, and you're saying sweet things about me (crying!)! I love you so much!

I'm so sorry that things are not going so well with your Mom...you know I admire how close knit your whole family is. The more I hear about your Daddy, the more I admire him...talk about for better or worse. What an awesome man! Between him and what I've read about your Mom, no wondder you are so wonderful!

The pics were so beautiful, too!! Oh, and I know you were planning on calling me sometime...but guess what I did? Dropped the phone in the bath water while I was bathing Shiloh. Smart, huh? I'll let you know when I get it fixed or replaced!


Lea said...

Happy Mother's Day my sweet buddy Kristy.

You amaze me. Love your faith and sense of family.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Good to see you around... hope you have a great Mother's Day... hugs to ya...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been busy.. some good and some bad...
I am sooo sorry..
your family is in my prayers..
Love the photos..
Happy Mother's Day..

Mya said...

Sending you a great big hug from across town! So sorry to hear about Franks cousin. Your mom and dad make me cry! What an example of of true love! The wedding pictures were beautiful... Rayne was a doll and that Nicole is beautiful, what a lucky guy!
Sorry your going through such a tough time. Your one tough cookie! Hang in there, I'm praying for you and family.

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are going to have to slow down girl! My goodness....you always have so much going on.

I am praying for your family and I know you will be spoiled rotten tomorrow for Mother's Day....you deserve it! Love you.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Kristy,
I am so sorry this is happening to your Mom and your family. My heart breaks for you. I will be praying for you all....
God's peace,

Margaret M said...

Thinking of you Kristy. I know what it is like to be at a special event having a wonderful time and feel as if the ground shifts beneath me to realize that my father is no longer there for these times. It is surreal in those moments. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and I can't wait to see your post with pictures of Franceska next mother's day! Hugs my bloggy friend!

kerri said...

So sorry to hear about Frank's cousin Laura, sending you positive thought and prayers.
Your strong family love and bond is so inspiring, your parents love for each other. I admire your Father, being true to his vows, a true testament to the love he has for your Mom.
The wedding was so beautiful, your Mom would of been proud of you going and enjoying such a wonderful, happy occasion.

Lesa said...

Kristy, I sure miss your posts. Good to hear from you!

I'm so sorry things aren't well with your family. I think it is wonderful how close your family is. Mine has dispersed since my Grandmother passed away years ago. We have lost many loving Aunts since also. Sad when all of the loved ones are no longer near.

Hang in there.

Our Red Thread Journey said...

Even though we do not talk as often as I would like, I do think of you each and every day. I feel the tides shifting and know that the end of our journey is in sight. Keep the faith...soon you will have a beautiful baby girl to hold!

Debz said...

Sorry that you are dealing with so many different things right now, I will definatly say a prayer for Franks cousin and your Mom.
It's so hard sometimes to have so many different emotions going on at once, one moment your happy for someone and the next your feeling sad. I pray for pease and rest on your heart over the next little while, and hope you and a nice Mothers day.
Bless your week. And yor right God will see you through.

Lesa said...

I would love to see you! We are actually going the weekend of the 23rd to see Fiddler On the Roof at Fair Park in Dallas. That is pretty short notice though. ha
When I know we will be there for a little longer stay I will give you a heads up. I would love to see you!!

love you, too!


sara said...

What a gorgeous bride! I loved those wedding pictures, everyone was so beautiful!

Praying for strength for you & your family!

Happy Mother's Day!

Shannon Kosub said...

Kristy your faith and love of God will get you through these troubled waters and you will again find yourself amongst the beauty of the seashells! Your a wonderful DAUGHTER, AUNT, MOTHER,SISTER GRANDMOTHER, WIFE and FRIEND! You have several hats and you wear them all so well! Proud to know you! ~Shannon~

Sandy Toes said...

You have a lot going on with family and friends...I will say a little prayer right now.
sandy toe