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Monday, February 18, 2008

A few special people I would like to introduce!!!

This is me with my neice Alyssa, she is so beautiful inside and out. I love love love her!!!! She started a blog so feel free to go look at her life , I promise you will get a kick out of her. She has the best sense of humor in the world of teenagers!!!!! Love you Lyssa!!

This is Alex, you rember Jacob the birthday boy from several posts back well this is his big sister, my best friend Jessica's daughter, her and Astrud have grown up together and Wow!!! she has grown into a beautiful young lady, love her so much!!!
This is Kelsey, my really long time special , special girlhead sisterfriend Sarah's daughter, and I don't know her the way I would love to, they live about an hour away, but I think this picture is gorgeous and the look in her eye just draws me to her in such a way that I can't explain. I only wish and pray the best for her. Love you girlhead and Kelsey Marie.

This is Dominique. Her father Wayne , and my family go back like 5 generations. This little girl is my hearts soul, and I love her so much. She has been known to tell people that she gets her good looks from her Aunt Kristy!!!! pssssttt.... If you haven't noticed we are different colors???? lolololol and she was Miss. Lavernia at one time. A very proud moment for us. Just a little note to Dom though, you are busted because I see Prairie View, Texas on my counter and you have yet to leave your Aunt Kristy a comment!!!! I love you girlie!!!!
This is Chelle to me ,and to the rest of the world she is Michelle and this is Mark, Franks's little brother. I love them bunches. Mark has overcome mountainsized obstacles in the last couple of years and their marriage has successfully sustained and endured throught it all. They make me so proud. We all share the love of our God together and that is exciting to me. Chelle also loves old movies like I do and that is FANTASTIC!!!!! Aren't they beautiful!!!!!!! Love you!
This is my DADDY!!!!! God help him my grandma and grandpa named him Harold Edwin, I always told my grandma that she must have hated him at birth!!! lolol But he is just DADDY to me and Poppy to his grand kiddos!!!! This man is .... well there is not a perfect word for him but he is just "The Bomb" to me, Gosh I love him and my momma. Now don't think I don't feel the same way about her, I am just waiting for that perfect picture to happen like this one!!!! I think he is just so darn handsome!!!

You might not be reallly all that interested in these introductions, but to me , these people are so special and they are part of what makes my world go around!!!! So thanks for taking a peek anyway!!! Love and Blessings.


Kelly & Sindy said...

Your so welcome on the bows!!!
I love your blog and I would
love to link you too!!! You
and your niece are beautiful!!!

Have a great night!!!


Amy Gray said...

What beautiful pictures...and omg how Alex has grown. Tell those girls to stop growing!!!! Uuuggghh!@@**#! Anyway, the picture with you and your niece...you are stunning girlhead! I love you!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Its nice to meet the people you care about!

Rony said...

You are smokin' hot little lady!! And your niece is gorgeous. Your entire family is beautiful.