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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Please pray for China

Young girl praying

Please keep China and all of our babies and their caregivers in your prayers. There are parts of China that are completely iced over, there are parts of China that are having a winter like never before. And all of us that are at our two year mark or almost there, chances are our babies are somewhere in a orphanage laying very cold!!!!! Alot of these orphanages don't have heat and who knows if they have an adequate number of blankets and such. So please keep them in your prayers. I pray that wherever all of our babies are that somebody is trying to keep them warm. If anyone is interested in making a donation you can go to Half the Sky, and do so. Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you.

Love, Kristy


Don and Be said...

I've been sick for the past few days - didn't watch TV, didn't read, didn't do nothin'.
I read your post this AM, did some surfing and was awakened to the magnitude of the weather conditions in northern China. I will be praying ....

redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful post. I am worried about the children too.

sasha said...

Great post. A glimmer of hope is organizations like Half The Sky that are providing heaters and even new buildings in some cases not to mention all the extra caregivers and training. Hope Franceska is warm and loved.

Don and Be said...

Hi Kristy,
Thanks for your comment. I'm with you on the communication item. So important for our kid's psychological & spiritual development ----- not to mention their physical health. What ticked me off in this movie was the fact that WM (Witchly Mother) was flip about the whole thing - it was quite trashy - and not one word about protection from the myriad of STDs out there on the dating scene. We can only guide our kids 'in the way he (she) should go' and hope and pray that they make the correct choices.
Joanna will experience open communication as we model it for her (not the type displayed in this film) as both of us do not let the sun go down on our problems. So glad that your 15 year old has a circle of support with yourself and your friends. What a gift! Although I will be the Stay at Home Dad, Be will be the one to develop such a vehicle for Joanna for obvious reasons.
I hope Chas is progressing in her healing.

Footnote - I saw a very frank video by a gal named Pam Stenzel who speaks at high school assembly programs and youth meetings. She blats it out - all the details - with love for the kids she's addressing. I saw that one of her discs is available on Netflix - she adapts her talks to both public & Christian school audiences. Entertaining, informative and eye opening.

Janet said...


Angela said...

Yeah, made my donation the other day!
It just breaks my heart to think that our baby may be among the ones in these effected areas, or for that matter that any of the babies should be cold!
What bothers me the most, is that some of the orphanages have hundreds of babies in them, mostly Hunan province, one has about 370 babies in it. If they would refer those babies, they would not be sitting there in the cold!
Have a great trip!!!

Amy Gray said...

Praying for the safety of all in China.