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Friday, April 3, 2009

True Love Waits...

This past weekend we had the TRUE LOVE WAITS Ceremony at our church. The front of the church for both services was full of parents with their teenagers to make this committment to God. These kids have gone thru a Bible study about Purity and have attended various studies on this as well. They all realized that this is a lifelong committment and on the day of their marriage they will give their spouse to be their TRUE LOVE WAITS ring. I think this is beautiful and we are so incredibly proud of our daughter Astrud, Jena and Emily for this. This is something that Astrud takes very seriously and has made this promise to God. She is so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. Jena , Astrud and Emily

Here's a group of them showing off their rings!

Thre's Frank and I standing with Astrud and of course I was crying, it was a very emotional time.
P.S. I have so many things to blog about , but I have had the stomach flu so I will catch up soon and I will certainly catch up on all of your blogs ASAP!!
P.S.S. If you want to go to my last post and look at the comment that my DIL Amy Lynn made , it just made my day when I read her referring to Franceska as "OUR" Little Ladybug! It was just one of those moments for me. Sometimes I wonder what our older kids "really" think about all of this deep down and this just solidified it all for me. I am sure alot of you will understand. Thank you Amy and I love you bigger than the sky!!!MUAHHHH!!


Mya said...

What awesome young ladies!

Amy Lynn said...

Stop, you are making me blush!!!

Don and Be said...

Congratulations, ladies. You have so much being thrown at you from all around, and you're standing firm. Good for you! May God continue to bless you and grant you peace. Wonderful decision. I could go on ....

Margaret M said...

How Wonderful! I hope you are feeling better!

Lesa said...

What a wonderful thing for your youth at Church to do. I love that.

Sorry to hear you have been sick, no fun.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh these young people should be very proud of this HUGE commitment they are making...I sure am proud of them!

I love the ladybugs in the post below and I have not ceased in prayer for you!

RamblingMother said...

wonderful ceremony! hope you are feeing better now!

Sherri & Todd said...

What an awesome thing to do. Todd, is one of the youth leaders at our Church and the kids there just did something like that a few weeks ago. I wish I had something like that when I was a young girl, but I did ok.

I sure hope your feeling better honey.

Ps...I can't believe your coming up on your 3rd year.

Love ya,

Debz said...

That is beautiful.
I had one of the young ladies in my youth group pull me aside to talk one day and she wanted to tell me she took a vow of purity. My nephew who is also in my youth group wears a purity ring. I'd love to know more about the Bible study they used and how they went about with the ceremony....
You must have been one proud set of parents. Setting bounderies at a young age is so incredibly important.

Hope your flu passes soon. I think I have something strange trying to take over my stomach too but it could be just what I've been eating lately....they really should have a "caution my be addictive" sign on chocolate....doncha think? ;O)

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! Aren't kids amazing gifts from God? I will never get over that! Good for your girl, I know you are proud of her and that goes along way for our children.

redmaryjanes said...

I think that is fantastic!

Heather said...

Oh feel better - I had the stomach flu a few weeks ago and it was yuk, yuk!

As for true love waits, well it does! And girl I am so thankful you posted this, may all of our daughters know they are daughters of the King and hold fast to the truths He has set before them:)

You are closer to your precious now, aren't you? Two days of referrals...hang in there sweet friend.

Happy Easter,

a Tonggu Momma said...

May all of our daughters learn that true love is not self-seeking, angry or impatient. Congrats to your girls on their huge decision!

Sherri & Todd said...

Just stopping by to see if there was anything posted for Easter yet. I will check back tomorrow.
Happy Easter,
Love Ya,
if you get a chance stop by to see Sam dying eggs, cute pictures and tomorrow I will post his Easter Bunny letter, too cute.

Sherri & Todd said...

I'm back darling - just popped over to say Happy Easter. I hope all is well? If you get a chance pop over to Sam's blog - I mentioned you in his body of leaving comments. And I did a little changing around on his blog, I made it his now instead of ours. And did you see our new look? I think I like it....lol.
Love and God Bless You,